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  The loony who's staying home: Lyndon LaRouche.
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Last EditedRBH  Aug 08, 2007 04:35am
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MediaWeekly News Magazine - New Republic, The
News DateThursday, July 12, 2007 10:00:00 AM UTC0:0
DescriptionAfter running in every presidential election since 1976--and supporting everything from colonizing Mars, to bringing back the gold standard, to building a giant land bridge across the Bering Strait--LaRouche has decided not to go in for a ninth bid in 2008. "I've stepped out of the presidential campaign," he grumbles with an unexpected New England lilt. "After all, I'm close to eighty-five now. And a candidate should have at least eight years [left] before running for the presidency of the United States."


But LaRouche--who has, despite the restrained reception, called himself a Democrat for almost 30 years--isn't ready to commit to one candidate just yet. John Edwards? "Too shallow." Barack Obama? "He's owned by the Chicago Board of Trade." Hillary Clinton? "Hillary Clinton is a very intelligent person who I like, but I wouldn't pick her for president. She's too fly-off-the-handle." Is there anyone worth backing?

LaRouche pauses. "I would probably end up being stuck with Hillary Clinton, who I do not think is qualified to be president," he admits. There is, in the end, only one person who can do the job. "I have the qualities," he sighs. "But I'm a bit old. ... My job is to create the image of what that president should be," and, he says, "have somebody step into those shoes." LaRouche is pretty sure he can deliver. "I'm likely to be around, unless somebody kills me."
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