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  Semi-Annual Report on Site Building, 06/2007
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Last EditedChronicler  Jun 30, 2007 10:55pm
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News DateSunday, July 1, 2007 04:00:00 AM UTC0:0
DescriptionThis is the site building report for the first half of 2007. Thus far, overall site building proceeds at a steady pace, though it has slowed compared to the previous six months. The statistics were collected at 8:00 p.m., OC time today, so information entered after that time will be included in the report next time.

== News Items ==

A total of 43 users posted 636 news items in the past month, for an average of 14.8 each. This was the highest in five months. For the past six months, we have posted 3,511 news items, and the number for the past 12 months is 7,748.

Site Building Stats
Site TotalsPast 12 MosThis YearLast Month
Randy - 4,498Randy - 1,210Bobby - 340Kal El - 90
HowieThomas WalkerKal ElScott Tester
EdgewaterC BlockC BlockC Block
Thomas WalkerBrandonServoBobby
Scott TesterKal ElScott TesterRyan Walker
BrandonBobbyBrandonBill Albers
Bill AlbersRyan WalkerBill AlbersSC Moose
C Block - 950Scott Tester - 309Thomas Walker - 149(tie) Thomas Walker and Forward - 17

Users who posted news items in the past month but who did not appear in the top ten were: Randy, Servo, Howie, Brett, Pimpilicious, Eric, DFW Dem, Eddy 9_99, Particleman, Chronicler, Prof. Plum, Greg Jones, Dave Imperator, Patrick, Brian G., Bob Heaney, Matthew Wraz, Western Dem, MCPM, Buddy, Karma, New Jerusalem, RMF, Dervish, Devon Hill, Mad Viking, Montana Gov, NYS 63, Samstrom, Comedy, Socialist, and RBH.

=== Races Entered ===

Thirty-one users posted 3,236 races in the past month. That was an increase over the 2,514 of 6/2006 and an increase over the monthly average in the past year of 2,411. The totals for this year so far are 15,802, and the total for the past 12 months is 28,933.

I want to recognize Brett, who passed the 8,000 mark to move into fourth place overall during the past month. Karma passed the 1,000 mark this month.

Races Entered Stats
Site TotalsPast 12 MosThis YearPast Month
Eddy 9_99 - 21,298Eddy 9_99 - 8,083Eddy 9_99 - 2,546Brett - 748
Thomas WalkerThomas WalkerBrettRBH
Joe SkylarkChroniclerChroniclerEddy 9_99
BrettBrettThomas WalkerChronicler
NYS 63EvEvKarma
ChroniclerDave TrotterKarmaMCPM
Dave TrotterKarmaDave TrotterNYS 63
ValerieMCPMScott TesterBuddy
Josh Lemere - 3,889Scott Tester - 918RBH - 626Scott Tester - 80

Users entering races but not appearing in the top 10 in the last month were: AMT Rep, Socialist, Shark Sandwich, Comedy, Samstrom, John Krause, Bobby, Aviator, New Jerusalem, Prof. Plum, Servo, Patrick, Dave Imperator, RMF, Ryan Walker, C Block, Howie, Polecat, Bill Albers, Valerie, and Thomas Walker.

=== Candidate Profiles Created ===

Thirty-three users created 4,934 candidate profiles in the past month. So far this year, we have created 20,472 candidate profiles. I don't have the numbers of profiles created in the 12 months.

We had a few milestones in this category. Eddy 9_99 passed the 18,000 mark, Brett passed the 10,000 mark, and Karma passed the 4,000 mark.

Candidate Profiles Stats
Site TotalsThis YearPast Month
Eddy 9_99 - 18,199Karma - 4,039Brett - 1,079
Thomas WalkerBrettRBH
Joe SKylarkChroniclerEddy 9_99
NYS 63Thomas WalkerChronicler
Dave TrotterMCPMMCPM
ChroniclerEddy 9_99NYS 63
MCPMDave TrotterEv
Josh LemereRBHBuddy
Randy - 4,161Ryan Walker - 490Bill Albers

Users creating new candidate profiles but not making it to the top 10 the last month were: Dave Trotter, Thomas Walker, Randy, Polecat, Ryan Walker, Valerie, Scott Tester, RMF, C Block, Patrick, New Jerusalem, Dave Imperator, Bob Heaney, Aviator, John Krause, Prof. Plum, Particleman, Bobby, Samstrom, Comedy, Socialist, Shark Sandwich, and Matthew Wraz.

Once again, a big thank you to all OC'ers who have helped to keep OC the greatest political website!!


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