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  11th-hour actions do little for Locke legacy
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Last EditedRalphie  Dec 13, 2004 06:55am
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MediaNewspaper - Seattle Post-Intelligencer
News DateMonday, December 13, 2004 06:00:00 AM UTC0:0
DescriptionAll of a sudden our Democratic governor is doing all kinds of stuff, jeopardizing the notion that he is nothing more than an empty suit in a lame-duck closet.

Locke just pushed a package of bills to help the state battle global warming. He wants to get tough on auto emissions and encourage the use of solar and wind power. The governor always had a thing for greenhouse gases. But now it looks as if someone cranked up the Bunsen burner under his feet.

His term ends in one month, and before then Locke seems bent on taking the sleep out of sleepwalking. To quote Shakespeare, he has burst out of his "honey-heavy dew of slumber."

Another wise observer of politics put it another way:

"He's certainly been more active in the past two months than he has been in a long time before that."

That is Dan Evans speaking, the venerable former governor of Washington, the state's only three-time governor, the guy once pegged as one of the top governors in American history.

Evans adds: "It is interesting and unusual for a governor in a post-election period ... to be out proposing new initiatives he won't have anything to do with once he is out of office."

It would be easy to dismiss Evans for partisan posturing. After all, he comes from the GOP, albeit a moderate, progressive strain of Republican ideology.

But there is truth in what Evans says.
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