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  How and why Dr. Keyes won in Illinois
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Last EditedServo  Nov 16, 2004 09:47am
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News DateTuesday, November 16, 2004 06:00:00 AM UTC0:0
DescriptionDr. Keyes' campaign, as unlikely and late-breaking as it was, should have been trumpeted from the rooftops by every conservative commentator in this nation. Finally, we Americans could have witnessed a real contest, one in which the race card had been providentially taken off the table, and the true threat posed to American liberty by the stealth-mode socialists of Obama's ilk could be made manifest. But, no. What did we get instead?

We got Tony Snow saying he preferred Obama's background to Keyes' Obama, a measly state senator, with more "experience" than a Reagan-era ambassador to the United Nations? Snow tipped his hand as to the origin of this blatantly absurd assessment by denouncing Dr. Keyes as a man who had "declared war on the Republican Party." So now it's an attack, to call our Party back to its Lincolnian roots?

We got Laura Ingraham giving Dr. Keyes the "cuckoo" sound effect for chanting a Psalm during a national interview. The candidate did this so well, by the way, that it stung tears to my eyes. But evidently, even some conservatives consider any public expression of Christian belief to be embarrassing at best.

We got to wait in vain for Dr. Keyes to be invited to give the keynote address at the Republican National Convention, counterbalancing Obama's role on the Democratic side. Wouldn't we want to show the world that we, too, are a diverse party, graced to have within our midst an orator capable of moving hearts in our platform's direction? We got to see Dr. Keyes snubbed by Illinois GOP leaders as well, confirming the impression that the Republican Party in general would rather see a Senator Obama make it to Washington, D.C., than to allow a pro-life "star" to "rise" in its own ranks.
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