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  Prohibition Party Rebounds in 2004
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Last EditedChronicler  Nov 08, 2004 09:00pm
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News DateMonday, November 8, 2004 06:00:00 AM UTC0:0
DescriptionThe “Prohibition Party Primary” of 2004 is over, and the undisputed winner is Gene Amondson. Although only listed on the ballot in two states, Amondson won 1,897 votes plus other write-ins. This is the highest vote total for the Prohibition Party in a Presidential election since 1988. It represents a significant improvement for the Prohibition Party in many ways and shows that the Party is on the road to recovery.

In Colorado, Amondson was one of twelve candidates listed on the ballot. Running on the “Concerns of People” Party, he placed eighth with 325 votes. While this is not a lot of votes, it is a significant increase over our vote there in 2000 (208). The man who won those 208 votes in 2000 was listed on the ballot in Colorado under the Prohibition Party banner this year and won 122 votes. These 122 votes represent the record lowest vote in Colorado for the Prohibition Party candidate.

To put Amondson’s Colorado vote in perspective, he outpolled the Socialist Equality Party, the Socialist Workers Party, and the Socialist Party, rather than placing dead last as the Party did in Colorado in 2000.

Amondson appeared on the ballot in Louisiana as well. It was the first time since 1888 that the Prohibition Party had contested Louisiana. Amondson, appearing on the ballot as the Prohibition Party nominee, won 1,572 votes there. He placed seventh of nine candidates on the ballot, outpolling the Green Party and the Socialist Workers Party. In four parishes, Amondson placed third behind Bush and Kerry, and in four more he placed fourth. This is the first time since 1988 that the Prohibition nominee for President received over 500 votes in any state.

Amondson’s total of 1,897 came from these two states. Nationwide, Amondson placed eleventh of the fifteen candidates on the ballot. The last time only ten other parties outpolled the Prohibition Party was 1976. In 2000, fourteen other parties outpolled the Prohibition Party, an

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