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ContributorThomas Walker 
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DescriptionFew people know that the US has a 300 year supply of (shale) oil in the Rocky Mountains. It was never explored because oil needed to be above $35 a barrel to be profitable. If the US created a national oil company, mined and refined this oil and imposed a large tariff on imported oil with built in rebates to go to people who drive economic cars, those who have no cars, carpoolers, etc., consumption of oil in the US would go down, imported oil would eventually virtually go to zero, world oil prices would plummet, the US would have double digit expansion, we could get out of being the world bully under Bush to being the great nation we once were under Obama and with oil prices dropping by our using this shale oil, the world food crisis would curtail because energy prices would be low again and OPEC could drown in their own oil. With this tariff on oil plus the oil we would mine, we could pay off the national debt in the next and truly work toward world peace. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND OBAMA

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