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  Governor Bruce Babbitt Statement of Candidacy
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Post Date ,  12:am
DescriptionToday we have leaders who don’t set their minds on much of anything. We have a government by Teleprompter in which words and deeds have lost all logical connection.

For years we’ve heard fine words about balancing the federal budget … from the White House that never once submitted a budget within $100 billion dollars of balance.

And that’s not leadership.

For years we’ve heard courageous words about terrorists … from a President who sends them missiles for ransom and then plays and needs your when he’s called into account.

And that’s not courage.

For years we’ve heard patriotic words … from an administration that compares the Nicaraguan contras to our own founding fathers – and then sets up sultans and Saudis and Swiss bankers to fund them behind our backs.

And if that is a mockery.

In America in charge again is going to need leadership with its hands on the wheel.

Leadership that’s says what it means … does what it says … and holds itself accountable for the consequences.
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