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  Presidential Medal of Freedom Recipient President Ronald W. Reagan
ParentParent Candidate
ContributorThomas Walker 
Post Date ,  12:am
Awarded by
President George Bush
January 13, 1993

Ronald Reagan symbolizes all that is best in America. His is the story of a lifetime committed to individual freedom and liberty. As President, he enabled the American spirit of hope and optimism, faith and family. At home, he championed free enterprise over big government and presided over the longest peacetime economic boom in our Nation's history. Around the world, he burnished America's lamp of liberty so that those living in tyranny might secure freedom against the darkness. His steadfast belief in peace through strength consigned imperial communism to the ashheap of history. Ronald Reagan's courage and convictions changed America, and helped America change the world.

America honors a man who has brought her great honor, the 40th President of the United States, Ronald Reagan.

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