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  Governor Frank Merriam Inaugural Address January 8, 1935
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ContributorThomas Walker 
Post Date ,  12:am
DescriptionMembers of the California Senate and Assembly:
As the representatives of the people in the legislative branch of the State government, I welcome you to Sacramento for the biennial session of the State Legislature. We meet here under conditions that rob this occasion—and our common endeavors—of every influence and issue not vitally concerned with the public welfare and the exceedingly grave problems immediately ahead.

The people of California expect from you and from me at this time the fullest exercise of intelligent, devoted, energetic and unselfish attention to the critical problems confronting this commonwealth.

Confidence and Cooperation Necessary.
And if you perceive a disposition on my part in the remarks I shall make to you today, or in later messages I may submit to you, to stress the imperative need for cooperation and confidence between the executive and the legislative agencies of the government, let me say now with all the emphasis at my command that only by the widest application of such cooperation and confidence can essential results be obtained.

In no perfunctory or formal manner, but wholeheartedly and earnestly, I assure you that you may rely at all times upon my readiness to give sympathetic attention to your views and to confer with you individually or collectively upon any and all matters having your attention.

We must not come here as Republicans or as Democrats, or as the representatives of any political party, but as Californians—charged with the responsibility and inspired by the opportunity to serve our people and our State.

If there is any one among us who has come to the State Capital seeking merely to accomplish personal ends, or to further the selfish interests of any class or faction or section, that individual is not only misguided, but is blind to the nature of the trust which all of us share in common.

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