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  How is OurCampaigns organized?
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Answer The site is organized into five areas with nested internal containers holding information on a theme. The two largest areas are the nations and the candidate pages. Smaller areas are available for issues, poll firms, and media. Parties, news items, and events are associated with something in a container or on a candidate page. Information in each container is accessed by the container page, such as the U.S. President container. To illustrate how the nesting works, the Alabama state container includes all information on the state, including subcontainers such as the Alabama Lt. Governor container.

Nations: This area represents over 80% of the information in the site database. Each nation and the United Nations has a container. Inside the container of each nation is a series of more specific containers with information on the national offices. Smaller geographic units such as states in the United States or provinces in Canada have their own sub-containers which include their own elections (such as Governor). Also inside the state containers are even smaller containers for information on each county and their offices. Note: a container will only show up if its dates include the date set in the upper right.

Candidate Pages: The candidate part of the site is the location of pages documenting the political career of over 430,000 people who have held or sought political office. Candidate pages are not a subset of the nation area, since it is possible for a specific person to run for office in two separate nations (for example, Jefferson Davis was a U.S. Senator and President of the Confederate States).

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