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  What format is used to enter US county/local races into the database?
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Answer Entering US county/local races into the database.

Most, if not all, of the National and State race containers have been set up for the United States. The grand majority were set up by the creator of the website in a specific fashion based primarily on geography.

Due to the large number of local races, site members will be required to create county/local race containers for their area(s) of interest. This FAQ is designed to assist site members by establishing a protocol/procedure for setting up these containers.

The design of the county/local race containers should mirror that of the National and State race containers, whenever possible.

In State containers, State-level positions/Offices are categorized as "State Government". The Same needs to be done with county and local level races. For instance, a County Executive, County Council, etc. should be categorized as "County Government" (Please note you should use the priority field in the containers to rank the Offices). Please see Figure 1.

Figure 1 County level format.

In Figure 1, A County Executive, County Council, State’s Attorney, and Sheriff are presented as County Government. Figure 2 shows the format for the County Council container. Please note that the “County Council” category is used on this page, not the County page. A Control indicator should be used when practical.

Figure 2 County Council Container.

Municipalities/Cities/Towns should be managed in the same fashion. Figure 3 demonstrates the format of a municipal/city/town container.

Figure 3. Baltimore City Container.
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Last ModifiedRP  - May 17, 2005 04:57pm