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  I have access to create/add candidates/races. What are my responsibilities?
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Answer It is incumbent upon every user who has been granted this privilege to be prudent in his/her actions. To maintain site credibility, only reasonable candidates should be added to *real* political races. It is best if you have supporting documentation, such as a newspaper interview or the like to add to the news container in the race, although it is not always necessary or readily available.

*Real* (i.e. not silly) political races should not serve as a who's who in the given District/State/Country/etc. without any regard to reason or the real potential of a candidate to run for a particular Office. When races at this website develop in this fashion, fewer researchers will look to the site as a source for realistic, high-quality information. The information needs to be as accurate and concise as possible. It is understood that various candidates might sometimes be somewhat of a guess by the person inputting the data, however there is a difference between reasonable speculation and selecting every politician in the District/State/Country/etc. Futhermore, guesses should be made sparingly. It's all about sensible decision making.

As far as "other" races are concerned, Randy has allowed for "silly" races to be created (generally outside of the political realm). Please ensure that you check the "Silly" box. In most cases, the candidates should be checked as "silly" as well.

Please be responsible. The powers that be have determined that you are trustworthy enough to be given this access. If you demonstrate a lack of trust, you may lose your privilege.
Last ModifiedChronicler  - December 22, 2004 07:22pm