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  What is the policy on errors in data on the site?
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Answer Members occasionally discover instances of inaccuracies in election returns on the site. When this happens, it is helpful to discuss the different information so users in general will be better able to handle data. If a person continues making similar mistakes, eventually their access to make those mistakes will be removed.

People are human; everyone will make some mistakes. I'm sure all of the data I've entered is not 100% accurate - after entering thousands of races, I'm sure I transposed numbers a time or two. The propensity of other users to check the data and report on mistakes is one of the strengths of this site. The peer review is wonderful. I don't want to make people afraid to enter any data here.

If you come across a race with different numbers than what you have found elsewhere, please follow this procedure:

1) First, see if the earlier user gave a source in the "data sources." This is important. Since different sources sometimes give different results, it is always good to know when you are looking at the official result.

2) If you believe that your results are better, first post on that page that you have different numbers. Politely bring up the mistake made, how you found the correct information or why you can't find any information to corroborate the data and ask nicely how the error was made, if not obvious, and who made it, if not obvious.

3) If someone has a question with something you entered, own up to it if you made a mistake. Let people know how the mistake was made - so yourself and others don't repeat the same errors. If it's an error in methodology instead of a simple mistake in typing or some such, stop using that methodology.

4) If it becomes clear that a particular user continues to enter unofficial returns when the official returns are available, that user's access to enter additional totals may be removed.
Last ModifiedRP  - November 04, 2017 12:26pm