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  I'm a Candidate/Campaign Manager/Staffer. How do I get more information about myself/my candidate on the site?
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Answer To protect against people with malicious intent, we do not immediately give access to manually upload information to the site to new users. But we are, however, more than happy to help out major and third party candidates with making sure their information on the site is up to date and accurate.

Our users frequently scan online articles, other political sites, and various press releases for information about what candidates are entering what race, but its inevitable that we're going to miss something.

For both our benefit, we gladly appreciate any of the following information from candidates and their campaigns, and will update them on the site as soon as possible.

* Candidate Photo (JPG, GIF, PNG). Headshots are preferred.
* Candidate Biography
* Candidate Location/Address (As complete as you'd like it.)
* Candidate/Campaign website address, if any
* Candidate Birthdate
* Candidate/Campaign email, if any
* The date the candidate officially announced/entered the race, if known

If you sign up for an account on the site, you may post this information in the discussion area on the page of the candidate. If your candidate does not exist on the site, it would be best to post the information in the race the candidate will be running in. For images, a link to the image on the web is best. Either way, a member with access will enter the information into the system.

We include both officially declared and prospective candidates (exploratory committees, for example) in races.

This site is frequently viewed by voters (more specifically, people most likely to vote, volunteer, and donate to campaigns) and the media alike, and putting your information here is absolutely free.
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