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  Government  Malcolm Turnbull 1 16 +4.67%
  House of Representatives  Liberal Party of Australia 0 16 +16.00%
  Liberal National Party of Queensland 0 16 +7.33%
  National Party of Australia 0 16 +6.00%
  Senate  Australian Labor Party 0 16 +6.58%
  Opposition  Bill Shorten 1 13 +100.00%
  High Court  Susan Kiefel 1 17 +100.00%
 Australian Capital Territory 
 New South Wales 
 South Australia 
 Western Australia 
 Ashmore and Cartier Islands 
 Coral Sea Islands 
 Northern Territory 
  Monarch of Australia  Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor (Elizabeth II) 0 52 +100.00%
  Governor General of Australia  Peter Cosgrove 0 14 +100.00%
Party Leadership
  Liberal Party of Australia Parliamentary Leader  Malcolm Turnbull 2 15 +10.10%
  ALP Parliamentary Leader  Bill Shorten 1 13 +4.04%
  National Party Parliamentary Leader  Barnaby Joyce 1 16 +100.00%
  Australian Greens Parliamentary Leader  Richard di Natale 1 15 +100.00%
 Family First Parliamentary Leader 
 Constitutional Amendments 

Oceans / Seas / Gulfs
Arafura Sea  
Coral Sea  
Great Australian Bight  
Indian Ocean  
Tasman Sea  
Timor Sea  

Established January 01, 1901
Disbanded Still Active
ContributorGerald Farinas
Last ModifiedIndyGeorgia March 27, 2016 08:04pm
DescriptionThe Commonwealth of Australia
HRM Elizabeth II, Queen of Australia

Australia is a continental nation in Oceania between the Indian Ocean and the South Pacific Ocean. At 7,686,850 square kilometers, Australia is only slightly smaller than continental United States. Australia, with its seat in the Capital Territory (Federal District) of Canberra, is a democratic federal state government led by the Prime Minister of the nation's parliament. Its Head of State is the Governor General representing the reigning monarch. There are six states and two territories. It also maintains dependencies in Ashmore and Cartier Islands, Christmas Island, Cocos Islands, Coral Sea Islands, Heard Island and McDonald Islands, Norfolk Island.

National Flag description:

The British blue ensign, charged with 5 stars formingthe Southern Cross and the 6th to represent the Commonwealth of Australia, was the design chosen in a competition in 1901, which attracted 30,000 entries. Subsequently there were some changes to the stars until thier shape and size and position were precisely specified on April, 15 1954. The 6 points of the Star of the Commonwealth represent the six states, and the seventh stands for the Northern terriritory and the 6 external territories of Australia.

Religious Adherents [Link]
Christian 76.6%
Non-religious 15.2%
Buddhist 2.1%
Atheist 1.7%
Muslim 1.6%
Hindu 0.6%
Chinese Universalist 0.5%
Jewish 0.5%
Neo-religions 0.4%
Confucianist 0.3%
Ethnoreligionist 0.3%
Baha'i 0.2%
Sikh 0.1%

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News Service Australia News Limited 
Newspaper Australia Post 
Newspaper Australian, The 
TV News Australian Broadcasting Corporation News 

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