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  Supreme Court
State Supreme Court
 Chief Justice   
  Supreme Court Position 1  Mary Yu 1 16 +14.65%
  Supreme Court Position 2  Susan J. Owens 4 18 +100.00%
  Supreme Court Position 3  Raquel Montoya-Lewis 1 20 +16.83%
   Supreme Court Position 4  Charles William Johnson 6 20 +95.45%
  Supreme Court Position 5  Barbara Madsen 5 16 +23.90%
  Supreme Court Position 6  G. Helen Whitener 0 20 +32.81%
  Supreme Court Position 7  Debra Stephens 3 20 +95.83%
  Supreme Court Position 8  Steven Gonz├ílez 2 18 +35.17%
  Supreme Court Position 9  Sheryl Gordon McCloud 2 18 +100.00%

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Established 00, 0000
Disbanded Still Active
Last ModifiedRalphie July 20, 2010 07:54pm
Description The Washington Supreme Court is the highest court in the judiciary of the state of Washington. It consists of nine justices elected in nonpartisan elections to six-year terms, with one of them being chosen to serve as chief justice by their peers.

Up until 1926 Supreme Court justices were elected 1/3 at a time via multi-member ballots. Since then each justice has been elected individually, but only recently has the state used a consistent system of position numbers. Prior to that ballots listed position numbers based on how many different positions were on the ballot (i.e. the first race is Pos.1, the second is Pos. 2, etc.). Races in this container list position numbers that represent the seat historical justices would now be occupying in the current system rather than the mostly unreliable position numbers which positions are listed under on the ballots.

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Jul 26, 2006 10:55am Legal Ruling Washington state court upholds gay marriage ban  Article RP 
Jul 19, 2006 10:00pm Statement [WA] State Justice: Gay marriage ruling will come before primary  Article Ralphie 
Jul 09, 2006 05:00pm Editorial Same-sex Marriage: Tradition or law?  Article Ralphie