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  US Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit
Chief Judge
 Chief Judge    
Circuit Judge
  Circuit Judge 1  Allison H. Eid 0 17 +15.46%
  Circuit Judge 2  Harris L. Hartz 0 01 +100.00%
  Circuit Judge 3  Carolyn B. McHugh 0 14 +100.00%
  Circuit Judge 4  Timothy M. Tymkovich 0 03 +17.17%
  Circuit Judge 5  Gregory A. Phillips 0 13 +100.00%
  Circuit Judge 6  Mary Beck Briscoe 0 95 +100.00%
  Circuit Judge 7  Robert E. Bacharach 0 13 +100.00%
  Circuit Judge 8  Jerome A. Holmes 0 06 +38.14%
  Circuit Judge 9  Scott M. Matheson, Jr. 0 10 +100.00%
  Circuit Judge 10  Nancy Mortiz 0 14 +93.55%
  Circuit Judge 11  Joel M. Carson III 0 18 +57.14%
  Circuit Judge 12  Carlos F. Lucero 0 95 +100.00%
District Court
 CO District    
 KS District    
 NM District    
 OK Eastern District    
 OK Northern District    
 OK Western District    
 UT District    
 WY District    

Courts of Appeals DETAILS
Parents > United States > U.S. Supreme Court > U.S. Courts of Appeals  
Established February 28, 1929
Disbanded Still Active
Last ModifiedScottĀ³ July 25, 2008 09:53am
Description February 28, 1929
45 Stat. 1346

This act divided the Eighth Circuit into two circuits, organizing the judicial districts of Colorado,
Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Utah, and Wyoming as the Tenth Circuit and the judicial
districts of Arkansas, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota
as a new Eighth Circuit. The act transferred all appellate judges residing within the Tenth
Circuit to the court of appeals for that circuit. Of the six judgeships authorized for the former
Eighth Circuit, four were assigned to the new Eighth Circuit and two to the Tenth Circuit. The
act authorized one additional judgeship for the Eighth Circuit and two additional judgeships
for the Tenth Circuit.

The numbered circuits, including the Tenth Circuit, provide appellate review of all cases tried
in the district courts within the geographic area of their jurisdiction; they also decide appeals
brought to them by residents of the circuit from various administrative tribunals, including the
Tax Court and agencies of the federal government.

The United States Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit is a federal court with appellate
jurisdiction over the district courts for the following districts:

* District of Colorado
* District of Kansas
* District of New Mexico
* Northern, Western, and Eastern Districts of Oklahoma
* District of Utah
* District of Wyoming

3 Seats (1, 4 and 12) have traditionally been reserved for Colorado.
2 Seats (6 and 10) for Kansas.
2 Seats (2 and 11) for New Mexico.
2 Seats (7 and 8) for Oklahoma.
2 Seats (3 and 9) for Utah.
1 Seat (5) for Wyoming.

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