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  District of Columbia
City Government
  Mayor  Muriel Bowser 2 18 +67.06%
  Council  Democratic Party Control 2 20 +69.23%
  Attorney General  Karl A. Racine 2 18 +86.09%
  President  Joe Biden 1 20 +86.75%
Congressional Delegate
  DC - Delegate  Eleanor Holmes Norton 16 20 +83.33%
Party Leadership
 DC Libertarian Party    
Shadow Government
  DC Shadow Senate 1  Michael D. Brown 3 18 +67.56%
  DC Shadow Senate 2  Paul Strauss 1 20 +71.13%
  DC Shadow Representative  Oye Owolewa 1 20 +72.40%
Marketing Area
 Washington, DC (Hagerstown, MD)  *   

% Of Total VotesOfficeDistrict of Columbia WinnerYrDistrict of Columbia Votes% of Sub% Vs. Full Race
0.56% U.S. Executive   Joe Biden 20 3 100.00% +43.12%
0.56% U.S. Vice President   Kamala Harris 20 3 100.00% +43.12%
0.56% First Lady/Gentleman   Jill Jacobs Biden 20 3 100.00% +43.12%

Maryland, United States  
Virginia, United States  

Parents > United States  
Established February 21, 1871
Disbanded Still Active
ContributorGerald Farinas
Last ModifiedRP March 22, 2020 02:49pm
Description The District of Columbia
"Justitia omnibus"

The District of Columbia entered the Union as a federal district on February 21, 1871.
It hosts the seat of the government of the United States.

Like other citizens living in states, D.C. citizens pay full federal and local taxes, but they
do not get the privileges of representation and independence that the states have. Also,
unlike the states, when D.C. receives federal funding, the funding comes with directives
on how the money should be spent.

D.C. residents do not have voting representatives in the Senate or in the House of
Representatives to protect their interests. They have nonvoting representation that can
sit on committees, but the representatives cannot vote on bills affecting their District.
Senators and members of Congress from the states have voting powers.

D.C. residents have a limited Presidential vote equal to the smallest state regardless
of their population, and have only had the right to vote for the President since the 1964

Unlike states who can appoint their own local judges, the President appoints D.C.'s
local judges. Congress only delegated power to an elected mayor and 13-member city
council in 1974, and Congress continues to review and modify D.C.'s laws and budget.

Registration is Partisan.
PVID+42.20 ( D+40.84 R-41.46 I+0.40 N+0.81 LBT-0.59 G-0.26 CST-0.04 ASP-0.03 PSL-0.05 AllP-0.06 BDY-0.04 )

District of Columbia -

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Pty Amount % Yr Chg As Of Contributor
D 400,552 76.43% +2.82% Dec 31, 2021 RBH
I 86,861 16.57% +5.27% Dec 31, 2021 RBH
R 28,996 5.53% +0.89% Dec 31, 2021 RBH
DCSGP 3,968 0.76% +7.44% Dec 31, 2021 RBH
LBT 2,240 0.43% +11.89% Dec 31, 2021 RBH
OTH 1,471 0.28% +5.02% Dec 31, 2021 RBH

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TV News WUSA Channel 9 (CBS) 

Start Date End Date Type Title Contributor
Jan 01, 1900 06:00am Jan 01, 1900 07:00pm General Election DC Poll Open and Close Times Set  RP 
Jul 07, 2010 05:00pm Jul 07, 2010 05:00pm Filing Deadline - Primary Election DC Filing Deadline  RP 
Sep 14, 2010 06:00am Sep 14, 2010 07:00pm Primary Election DC Primary Election  RP 
Apr 03, 2012 10:00am Apr 03, 2012 10:00am Presidential Primary DC Presidential Primary  411 Name Removed 

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Jul 10, 2019 02:50pm Report DC mayor says Trump's July 4th bash drained city budget for security  Article RP 
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