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County Government
  County Executive  Barry Glassman 2 18 +34.98%
  County Council  Republican Party Control 0 18 +71.43%
  State's Attorney  Albert Peisinger 1 18 +26.45%
  Sheriff  Jeff Gahler 2 18 +36.54%
 Circuit Court   
 District Court   
 Orphan's Court   
  Register of Wills  Derek Hopkins 3 18 +30.70%
 Aberdeen  13,993
 Amos Mill   
 Bel Air   
 Bel Air  9,826
 Bel Air Acres   
 Burns Corner   
 Bush River   
 Bushs Corner   
 Carsins Run   
 Charles Manor   
 Cherry Hill   
 Chestnut Hill   
 Chrome Hill   
 Clayton Manor   
 Colonial Acres   
 Conowingo Village   
 Constant Friendship   
 Crestwood Acres   
 Edgewood Heights   
 Edgewood Meadows   
 Evergreen Heights   
 Federal Hill   
 Forest Greens   
 Forest Hill   
 Forest Lake   
 Fountain Green   
 Fountain Green Heights   
 Gibson Manor   
 Gladstone Acres   
 Glenn Heights   
 Harford Estates   
 Harford Furnace   
 Havre de Grace   
 Havre de Grace  13,085
 Hickory Hills   
 High Point   
 Hopkins Corner   
 Ivory Mill   
 Lancaster Corner   
 Laurel Brook   
 Long Bar Harbor   
 Lou Mar Estates   
 Lynchs Corner   
 McCanns Corner   
 Mill Green   
 Moores Mill   
 Noble Mill   
 Norris Corner   
 Oaklyn Manor   
 Old Baltimore   
 Pleasant Hills   
 Poplar Grove   
 Rock Run   
 Shawsville Acres   
 Silver Spring Heights   
 Swan Creek   
 Thomas Run   
 Upper Crossroads   
 Van Bibber   
 Van Bibber Manor   
 Wakefield Meadows   
 Webster Village   
 Wilson Mill   
Marketing Area
 Baltimore, MD  *  

% Of Total VotesOfficeHarford WinnerYrHarford Votes% of Sub% Vs. Full Race
4.80% Governor   Lawrence J. Hogan, Jr. 18 85,259 77.10% +21.75%
4.79% Comptroller   Peter V. R. Franchot 18 60,444 56.16% -15.90%
4.81% Attorney General   Craig Wolf 18 64,418 58.82% +23.71%
4.88% President   Donald Trump 20 80,930 54.61% +22.46%
4.80% Senate Class I   Antonio Wade "Tony" Campbell 18 56,749 51.45% +21.14%
4.85% Senate Class III   Kathy Szeliga 16 80,355 60.81% +25.14%
24.78% MD - District 01   Andrew P. Harris 20 65,514 66.86% +3.42%
14.07% MD - District 02   C. A. "Dutch" Ruppersberger 20 28,087 60.14% -7.58%
4.79% Slots   Yes 08 74,248 61.33% +2.64%
4.92% 2: Authorizing Video Lottery Terminals – Slot Machines – to Fund Education   Yes 12 95,308 84.83% -3.07%
4.74% 5: Approve MD Congressional Redistricting plan?   Yes 12 67,184 58.58% -5.47%
4.73% 6: Legalize Same Sex Marriage?   No 12 68,785 55.54% +7.98%
5.03% 7: Gaming Expansion   No 12 66,116 53.03% +4.92%

Parents > United States > Maryland > Counties  
Established January 01, 1773
Disbanded Still Active
ContributorU Ole Polecat
Last ModifiedRBH June 12, 2011 02:18pm
Description Harford County, Maryland was first discovered in 1608 by Captain John Smith of the Virginia Colony (the same John Smith of the Pocahontas legend). He made a fairly accurate map of the upper country and its islands and shores.

Harford County was separated from Baltimore County in 1773 (Chapter 6, Acts of 1773). The County was named for Henry Harford (1759-1834), last proprietary of Maryland. He was the son of Frederick Calvert, Sixth Lord Baltimore, but because of his illegitimate birth did not inherit his father's title.

The Harford County Coat of Arms was designed by George Van Bibber and adopted by the County Commissioners on September 28, 1964. In the accepted design the shield is gold to symbolize the wealth of the county and the richness of its fields. Across the shield are waving bends of blue signifying three major county streams - Deer Creek, Bynum Run, and Winters Run. The crest is a two-handed forearm with the right-hand holding escrivant (heraldic for "writing"), a white quill symbolizing the pen used by those who wrote and signed the Bush Declaration. The left hand holds a sword as if presenting into the right-hand of the nation the skills of reproducing defense materials, emanating from Edgewood Arsenal and Aberdeen Proving Ground. The "motto "At the Risque of our Lives and Fortunes" comprises the last eight words of the Bush Declaration and preserves the same spelling for "risk" that is used in that document.

The County was originally settled by the English, followed by those from Virginia and North and South Carolina. The northern areas of the county lie in the Piedmont Plateau, and have an elevation of two hundred to seven hundred fifty feet above sea level. The southern areas are part of the Coastal Plain and range from forty to two hundred feet above sea level.

Probably the two most important factors in Harford's economy were the Aberdeen Proving Ground and the Edgewood Arsenal. Aberdeen Proving Ground was first used primarily for the testing of ordnance and Edgewood Arsenal for the U.S. Army chemical warfare station, where various types of gases were developed for military use. Training is also carried on in offensive and defensive chemical warfare. Located on the reservation at Edgewood Arsenal was Fort Hoyle, a field artillery and ordnance battery headquarters, and also used as a summer camp of the U.S. Army Field Artillery Reserve. First opened in 1922, Fort Hoyle was used until 1940. In July 1971, Edgewood Arsenal merged with the Aberdeen Proving Ground, and was renamed Edgewood Area of Aberdeen Proving Ground. Today these areas are used for various military functions. These two areas have provided hundreds of jobs contributing greatly to the economic stability of the county.

Harford County today has an area of four hundred forty-eight square land miles and twenty-seven square water miles. Harford has three incorporated towns: Aberdeen, Havre de Grace, and Bel Air, the County Seat.
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D 58,479 43.66% -4.98% Jul 05, 2006 U Ole Polecat
R 57,565 42.98% -4.15% Jul 05, 2006 U Ole Polecat
I 17,340 12.95% -3.85% Jul 05, 2006 U Ole Polecat
G 236 0.18% -8.43% Jul 05, 2006 U Ole Polecat
LBT 162 0.12% +15.88% Jul 05, 2006 U Ole Polecat
OTH 136 0.10% +72.09% Jul 05, 2006 U Ole Polecat
CST 16 0.01% +54.79% Jul 05, 2006 U Ole Polecat
PPMD 3 0.00% +45.66% Jul 05, 2006 U Ole Polecat

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Oct 14, 2005 06:45am News In Harford, Democrats' loyalty on dotted line  Article U Ole Polecat 
Sep 21, 2005 07:00am News Harford ends bid to block auction of surplus land  Article U Ole Polecat 
May 05, 2003 01:35pm News Harford County, MD Sheriff Meadows resigns office under sexual harrassment allegations  Article U Ole Polecat