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  Queen of Canada
NameElizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor (Elizabeth II)
Votes1 (100.00%)
Margin1 (+100.00%)
Term02/06/1952 - 02/00/2025

Monarchy DETAILS
Parents > Canada  
Established 00, 0000
Disbanded Still Active
ContributorGerald Farinas
Last ModifiedMonsieur August 04, 2005 06:38pm
Description Queen of Canada

A Commonwealth realm is a country where The Queen is the Sovereign. The Queen is Queen not only of the United Kingdom and its overseas territories, but also of the following realms: Antigua and Barbuda, Australia, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Canada, Grenada, Jamaica, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, St Christopher and Nevis, St Lucia, St Vincent and the Grenadines, Solomon Islands and Tuvalu.

From the fifteenth century onwards, a number of territories came within British power at various times by settlement, conquest or cession. The administration of such colonies evolved in different ways, to reflect the different circumstances of each territory.

By the British North America Act of 1867, Canada became the first self-governing Dominion within the then British Empire. The Act set out a constitution with the executive authority vested in the Sovereign, and carried on in her name by a Governor-General and Privy Council, with legislative power exercised by a Parliament of two Houses, a Senate and a House of Commons.

The Act also united Upper and Lower Canada (now Ontario and Quebec), Nova Scotia and New Brunswick; over the following years other colonies and the Northwest Territories joined the Confederation, the last being Newfoundland in 1949. The provinces each have a separate Parliament and administration, with a Lieutenant-Governor representing The Queen, appointed by the Governor-General in Council, at the head of the executive.

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