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  United Kingdom
  Government  Theresa May 1 17 +10.00%
  Official Opposition  Jeremy Corbyn 0 15 +100.00%
 Political Parties 
  House of Commons  Conservative Party 0 17 +8.46%
 House of Lords 
  Monarch of the United Kingdom  Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor (Elizabeth II) 3 52 +100.00%
  Prince of Wales and Heir Apparent  Charles Philip Arthur George Mountbatten-Windsor 1 52 +100.00%
 Colleges and Universities 
 Church of England 
European Union
  European Parliament  UK Independence Party 0 14 +2.16%
Home Nation
 Northern Ireland 
International Commission
 The International Whaling Commission 
Overseas Dependency
 British Indian Ocean Territory 
 British Virgin Islands 
 Cayman Islands 
 Falkland Islands 
 Isle of Man 
 Pitcairn Islands 
 Saint Helena 
 South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands 
 Turks and Caicos Islands 

Oceans / Seas / Gulfs
Celtic Sea  
English Channel  
Irish Sea  
North Atlantic Ocean  
North Sea  

Established March 26, 1707
Disbanded Still Active
ContributorGerald Farinas
Last ModifiedIndyGeorgia October 31, 2016 04:58pm
DescriptionUnited Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
HRM Elizabeth II, Queen

The United Kingdom is a Western European nation and member of the European Union. It consists of England, Wales and Scotland, which were unified in 1707. The United Kingdom is a parliamentary democratic government with a traditional monarchy, currently led by the House of Windsor. Wales and Scotland have devolved parliaments of their own with autonomy of governance.

Parliamentary Election results can be found in the 'parliament' containers in each Region.

The United Kingdom also rules dependencies which include: Anguilla, Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Falkland Islands, Gibraltar, Montserrat, Pitcairn, Saint Helena and Turks and Caicos Islands. Guernsey, Jersey, and the Isle of Man are autonomous and have a special relation with the British monarch, not with the United Kingdom. The dependencies of the British Indian Ocean Territory and the South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands have no constant inhabitation.

The seat of governance is in London, England. Its currency is the British Pound Sterling (GBP). It currently is debating the abolition of the British Pound in favor of the European Union currency. The kingdom celebrates the second Saturday of June as a national holiday in commemoration of Queen Elizabeth II's birthday.

Nationa Flag Description:
The Union flag, also called the Union Jack, is a combination of the crosses of patron saints of England (St. George's cross, red cross on a white field), Scotland (St. Andrew's cross, white saltire on a blue field) and Ireland (St. Patrick's cross, red satire on a white field).

Religious Adherents [Link]
Christian 81.50%
Non-religious 12.30%
Muslim 2.20%
Atheist 1.40%
Hindu 0.80%
Jewish 0.50%
Sikh 0.40%
Buddhist 0.30%
Zoroastrian 0.20%
Baha'i 0.10%
Chinese Universalist 0.10%
Neo-religions 0.10%
Spiritist 0.10%


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Pty Amount % As Of Contributor
LAB 270,000 45.92% Aug 11, 2015 M@
CON 149,800 25.48% Aug 11, 2015 M@
LD 61,000 10.37% Aug 11, 2015 M@
GPEW 61,000 10.37% Aug 11, 2015 M@
UKIP 42,000 7.14% Aug 11, 2015 M@
BNP 4,200 0.71% Aug 11, 2015 M@


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Newspaper Daily Telegraph 
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Newspaper Independent 
TV News British Broadcasting Corporation BBC News 
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Start Date End Date Type Title Contributor
May 05, 2011 01:00am May 05, 2011 04:00pm General Election United Kingdom General Election/Alternative Vote Referendum  Karma Policeman 
May 03, 2012 01:00am May 03, 2012 04:00pm General Election United Kingdom Local Elections  Ralphie 
Nov 29, 2012 06:00am Nov 29, 2012 06:00am General Election Rotherham, Middlesbrough, and Croydon North by-elections  Picimpalious 
Jun 23, 2016 01:00am Jun 23, 2016 04:00pm General Election United Kingdom EU Membership Referendum  IndyGeorgia 
May 04, 2017 02:00am May 04, 2017 05:00pm General Election United Kingdom Local Elections  IndyGeorgia 
Jun 08, 2017 01:00am Jun 08, 2017 04:00pm General Election United Kingdom Snap General Election  IndyGeorgia 

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Date Category Headline Article Contributor
Feb 01, 2017 04:30pm Proposed Legislation Brexit: MPs overwhelmingly back Article 50 bill  Article RP 
Sep 08, 2016 12:00am News British MPs Could Vacate Parliament for Six Years During Repairs  Article IndyGeorgia 
May 21, 2015 04:00am Scandal Revelations Of British Pedophile Ring Spur Flood Of Abuse Reports  Article RP 
Aug 29, 2013 03:00pm News Britain Rules Out Military Strike on Syria  Article Monsieur 
Aug 05, 2013 11:00am News Peter Capaldi: from spin doctor to the new Doctor Who  Article Picimpalious 
Jul 22, 2013 12:25pm Blog Entry Imprison the Royal Family and Abolish the Monarchy  Article Homegrown Democrat 
May 13, 2013 05:00pm Opinion Barack Obama’s top ten insults against Britain – 2013 edition  Article Scott³ 
Mar 07, 2013 08:00am News Britain to remove last troops from Germany in 2019   Article Picimpalious 
Mar 07, 2013 08:00am News MPs' anger as Prime Minister rejects cap on pay-day loans  Article Picimpalious 
Nov 09, 2012 07:00pm News BBC in turmoil as Tory abuse story falls apart  Article New Jerusalem 
Nov 02, 2012 02:00pm Scandal Former senior political figure accused of sex assault  Article New Jerusalem 
Oct 02, 2012 12:00pm Scandal Jimmy Savile sexual abuse claims: BBC to assist police investigations  Article New Jerusalem 
Oct 01, 2012 06:50am Obituary Eric Hobsbawm dies, aged 95  Article New Jerusalem 
Aug 23, 2012 01:00pm News Asil Nadir jailed for 10 years for Polly Peck theft  Article New Jerusalem 
Aug 20, 2012 10:00pm Analysis Universal Mediocrity  Article Imperator 
Aug 14, 2012 07:00pm News Mohammed retakes top spot in English baby names  Article Scott³ 
Aug 07, 2012 06:00am News Coalition deadlock as Nick Clegg and David Cameron veto each other  Article New Jerusalem 
Jun 13, 2012 11:50am Perspective What happened to the Communist Party of Great Britain's millions?  Article New Jerusalem 
Apr 25, 2012 06:00am News UK economy in double-dip recession  Article Picimpalious 
Mar 25, 2012 08:05am Scandal Senior Tory Peter Cruddas resigns after cash for PM access sting  Article New Jerusalem 
Feb 23, 2012 01:00pm Amusing Bear necessities: 35 per cent of British adults 'still take a teddy to bed with them'   Article Karma Policeman 
Feb 11, 2012 05:00pm Scandal Senior Sun journalists arrested in police payments probe  Article New Jerusalem 
Dec 10, 2011 08:00am News David Cameron's long night in Brussels may rearrange British politics  Article New Jerusalem 
Nov 07, 2011 05:00pm Scandal NoW placed hacking lawyers under surveillance  Article New Jerusalem 
Sep 08, 2011 07:10am News Great Britain lifts lifetime ban on gay, bisexual men donating blood  Article Homegrown Democrat 
Aug 16, 2011 08:00am News Phone hacking: News of the World reporter's letter reveals cover-up  Article New Jerusalem 
Jul 17, 2011 02:00pm Analysis Phone-hacking: The main players  Article New Jerusalem 
Jul 17, 2011 01:00pm Scandal Rebekah Brooks arrested over phone-hacking allegations  Article New Jerusalem 
Jul 08, 2011 05:55am Scandal Coulson arrested over phone-hack claims  Article New Jerusalem 
Jul 06, 2011 07:00am News Phone hacking: David Cameron bows to calls for public inquiries  Article New Jerusalem 
May 22, 2011 04:40pm General Obama fond of British royal family  Article Andy 
Mar 24, 2011 03:00pm News Iannucci Confirms New ‘Coalition’ Thick Of It  Article Picimpalious 
Dec 26, 2010 09:00pm Poll Coalition government support is dramatically down  Article New Jerusalem 
Dec 20, 2010 10:00am Obituary Anthony Howard dies  Article New Jerusalem 
Dec 09, 2010 12:00pm News MPs have backed plans to increase fees to up to £9,000  Article New Jerusalem 
Dec 04, 2010 03:00pm Amusing One in seven students still love the LibDems  Article New Jerusalem 
Nov 18, 2010 08:00pm Idiocy Tory sorry for 'never had it so good' remark  Article New Jerusalem 
Oct 22, 2010 10:00am Analysis Local by-elections show north-south voter divide  Article New Jerusalem 
Oct 12, 2010 09:00am Announcement Student tuition fees: Browne review urges no limits  Article New Jerusalem 
Oct 10, 2010 02:00pm Advertisement Vince Cable abandons Lib Dem pledge to oppose increase in tuition fees  Article Karma Policeman 
Oct 02, 2010 05:00pm News University students could face more than £10,000 a year in fees  Article Karma Policeman 
Jun 30, 2010 03:00pm Report Budget will cost 1.3m jobs - Treasury  Article RP 
May 07, 2010 11:00am News England council elections: Half of results back   Article RP 
Feb 14, 2010 05:00am General British oil dispute with Argentina escalates   Article kal 
Jan 23, 2010 11:00pm Idiocy Killer can't be deported because he might kill again  Article Jason 
Sep 28, 2009 04:25pm Minority Perspective Why Barack Obama is turning his back on Britain - by our former ambassador to the U.S.  Article kal 
Sep 16, 2009 10:00am General Izzard: I've run the UK, now will run for office  Article Thomas Walker 
Aug 30, 2009 03:00pm General (uk) Gordon Brown ambushed by soldier over tax   Article kal 
Aug 18, 2009 05:00pm Idiocy (UK) Theme park bans thrillseekers from riding rollercoasters with arms in the air... because of body odour  Article kal 
Aug 06, 2009 02:00pm General Postal workers to strike over pay and jobs  Article kal 
Jul 05, 2009 07:00am Oops Personal details of new UK spy chief on Facebook  Article Andy 
Jun 06, 2009 07:00am News Tories triumph in local elections  Article Ralphie 
Mar 29, 2009 12:20am Video Undercover Mosque  Article the wanderer 
Mar 25, 2009 12:25pm General UK: Government warns of nuclear terror threat   Article kal 
Mar 14, 2009 08:00am Commentary Fury of the philistines  Article New Jerusalem 
Mar 05, 2009 09:00pm Amusing Turn us [UK] into the 51st state? Why not?  Article RP 
Feb 12, 2009 12:45am News Senior U.K. diplomat said arrested over anti-Semitic tirade   Article Forwardista 
Feb 10, 2009 09:00am News Bankers: We'll sue if we are denied our million-pound bonuses   Article Servo 
Feb 01, 2009 11:00am News EU rules 'not protecting workers'   Article New Jerusalem 
Jan 30, 2009 06:00am News Refinery strikes spread across UK  Article New Jerusalem 
Jan 26, 2009 05:30pm General RAF 'ordered to shoot down UFOs'   Article kal 
Dec 23, 2008 05:00am Obituary Bernard Crick 1929-2008  Article New Jerusalem 
Dec 11, 2008 09:00pm News European feudalism finally ends as Sark heads for democracy  Article particleman 
Dec 08, 2008 06:00pm News Retail sales 'fall still further'   Article Jason 
Dec 06, 2008 02:00pm News U.K. Cuts Immigration as Economy Slows Down   Article Jason 
Jul 05, 2008 07:00am News Sharia law SHOULD be used in Britain, says UK's top judge  Article kal 
Jul 05, 2008 07:00am Idiocy Postcard Featuring Puppy 'Offends' Islam  Article kal 
Feb 03, 2008 10:00pm Poll Quarter of Brits think Churchill was myth: poll  Article Bob 
Dec 17, 2007 02:00pm News Queen Elizabeth gets 8th grandchild  Article Gerald Farinas 
Nov 08, 2007 06:00pm News North Sea surge brings flood risk  Article New Jerusalem 
Oct 19, 2007 08:00pm Amusing Brits less popular after Europeans get to know them  Article Forwardista 
Sep 14, 2007 03:00pm News Darling censures rating agencies  Article New Jerusalem 
Sep 14, 2007 11:30am News Northern Rock Customers Crowd Branches, Withdraw Cash (Update3)  Article Karma Policeman 
Sep 04, 2007 10:00pm Opinion The New Anti-Semitism  Article New York Democrat 
Jul 06, 2007 12:45am News UK Muslims condemn attacks  Article Forwardista 
Jul 03, 2007 05:00pm General Britons cheer Brown for attacks response  Article Brandonius Maximus 
May 16, 2007 01:00pm News Prince Harry won't go to Iraq  Article J.R. 
Mar 07, 2007 11:00pm News MPs back all-elected Lords plan  Article Ralphie 
Jan 14, 2007 10:00am News Prince Harry trains for possible Iraq duty  Article Eric 
Nov 21, 2006 01:00pm Blog Entry The End of the United Kingdom?  Article Hail to the Rookies 
Oct 27, 2006 04:05am News Schoolgirl arrested for refusing to study with non-English pupils  Article Bob 
Oct 15, 2006 06:00pm News Tories warn of hard times for the Thatcher generation  Article Brandonius Maximus 
Sep 22, 2006 05:00pm News Muslims attack BBC for airing interview with extremist  Article Forwardista 
Sep 02, 2006 09:00pm News Attacks on Jews soar since Lebanon  Article New York Democrat 
Jul 31, 2006 01:00am Study Many jail staff corrupt - report  Article Forwardista 
Jul 25, 2006 03:00pm Poll Stand up to US, voters tell Blair  Article RP 
Jun 24, 2006 11:00pm Amusing Goat demoted for parade incident  Article Brandonius Maximus 
Mar 10, 2006 03:00am Obituary John Profumo dies  Article New Jerusalem 
Mar 08, 2006 12:00am General Impending smoking ban spurs many to quit - study  Article Forwardista 
Mar 05, 2006 06:00pm Proposed Legislation [UK] How we move ever closer to becoming a totalitarian state  Article RP 
Feb 19, 2006 12:05am Poll Poll reveals 40pc of Muslims want sharia law in UK  Article Jason 
Jan 28, 2006 01:45pm Poll Majority of Britons don't believe in Evolution  Article New Jerusalem 
Jan 26, 2006 12:00am News Islam is a wicked, vicious faith, BNP leader tells court  Article off_to_DC 
Sep 19, 2005 02:00pm Idiocy Tons of British aid donated to help Hurricane Katrina victims to be BURNED by Americans  Article RP 
Aug 30, 2005 04:00pm News School OKs Cursing at Teacher  Article Classical Liberal 
Aug 24, 2005 11:00am News Britain sets out grounds for banning hate preachers  Article Thomas Walker 
Jul 21, 2005 09:00am News Small blasts hit London transport  Article Brandonius Maximus 
Jul 18, 2005 03:30pm News UK rejects Iraq link to London bombs, seeks new law  Article Brandonius Maximus 
Jul 13, 2005 11:00am News Islamophobia blamed for attack  Article New York Democrat 
May 11, 2005 03:00pm News Blair defies calls to quit from party  Article Brandonius Maximus 
Apr 28, 2005 05:40am News Who's (celebrities) backing whom at the election?(United Kingdom)  Article User 215 
Apr 27, 2005 03:00pm Analysis British Election Update, Part IV: Understanding the Media  Article RP 
Apr 24, 2005 09:40pm News Clinton backs Blair's Labour Party in British election  Article New York Democrat 
Mar 21, 2005 02:00pm News Camilla in Line to Be Queen Despite Charles  Article PragCon 3.0 
Mar 21, 2005 02:00am News Majority of Britons favour change in abortion law  Article *crickets chirp* 
Feb 24, 2005 06:00pm News Would-be MP says she was a 'tart'  Article Servo 
Feb 12, 2005 12:00am News Prince Charles asked to decide between crown and Camilla  Article Summer Intern 
Jan 26, 2005 12:00am News Britain Seeks New Powers in Terror Fight  Article Brandonius Maximus 
Jan 13, 2005 12:00am News UK's Harry Rules Out Auschwitz Visit in Nazi Row  Article Brandonius Maximus 
Dec 29, 2004 12:00am News Blair ally warns of Labour splits  Article Ben 
Dec 16, 2004 12:00am News Blair Campaign Unfazed by Loss of Blunkett  Article Chase McFadden 
Jun 13, 2004 12:00am News UKIP makes Euro election strides  Article Some say... 
Jun 10, 2004 12:00am News Blair faces heavy losses in European vote  Article Easily Offended Man 
May 06, 2004 12:00am News British Royals Ask Government for Security Director  Article Gerald Farinas 
Apr 29, 2004 12:00am Amusing One in 10 Britons welcome 'Luvania' to EU family  Article Servo 
Apr 19, 2004 12:00am News Blair Expected to Offer Britons EU Referendum  Article Sherlock Holmes (a retired OC public servant collecting his pension) 
Feb 02, 2004 10:00am News Iraq war 'increased terror threat'  Article Guy 
Jan 06, 2004 12:00am News Howard Helps Tories  Article Gerald Farinas 
Nov 23, 2003 12:00am News London Terror Plot Reportedly Thwarted  Article Servo 
Nov 22, 2003 12:00am Amusing Bush's $2m mushy peas  Article Servo 
Nov 16, 2003 12:00am News Britain rejects US request for immunity  Article Servo 
Nov 07, 2003 12:00am News Howard speaks on task ahead for Tories  Article Easily Offended Man 
Oct 27, 2003 12:00am News Tory leader sets challenge deadline  Article Picimpalious 
Oct 26, 2003 12:00am News "Tory leader must go", MPs say  Article Picimpalious 
Oct 13, 2003 12:00am News Experts fear dirty bomb attack in UK is inevitable  Article Servo 
Oct 01, 2003 12:00am Opinion Gun law  Article None Entered 
Sep 26, 2003 12:00am News Rock Singer Robert Palmer Dies at Age 54  Article Servo 
Aug 29, 2003 12:00am News Blair's press boss Campbell quits  Article RP 
Jul 21, 2003 12:00am General Britain's Blair and Labour in opinion poll tumble  Article ArmyDem 
Jul 10, 2003 12:00am Amusing The vagina monoliths: Stonehenge was ancient sex symbol  Article User 13 
Jun 05, 2003 06:47pm News Judge says nizzle-shizzling not an offence  Article Servo 
Apr 04, 2003 04:14pm General Slight slip in support for war : Two-point drop but majority still in favour  Article User 13 
Mar 28, 2003 03:47pm General Labour wins first byelection of war  Article User 13