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  Wa State
  PartyUnited Wa State Party
NameBao Youxiang
Votes1 (100.00%)
Margin1 (+100.00%)
Term12/13/1995 - 12/13/2095

Breakaway State DETAILS
Parents > Burma (Myanmar)  
Alternate NamesMeung Vax; Special Region No. 2; Wa Self-Administered Division
Established April 17, 1989
Disbanded Still Active
Last ModifiedBojicat September 30, 2019 02:08pm
Description De facto independent, Chinese organized crime-run nation-state and protectorate of China situated within the boundaries of Myanmar.

Wa State, also called 'Special Region No. 2', is administered as a one-party Communist state under the 'United Wa State Party' (UWSP). The party's central committee, the bureaucracy, the national army (called the 'United Wa State Army' or UWSA) and the state's leadership are members of transnational organized crime syndicates (Triads; also known as 'San Ho Hui' or the Triple Union Society) based in China. Government 'ministers' are all wanted figures in the United States.

Wa State holds the largest narcotics trafficking organization in Southeast Asia. It has also become the world's routing center for intellectual property theft, computer fraud and trade in illegal animal parts.

Forced by circumstances and corruption at high levels, Myanmar relinquished two northern territories within its own Shan State, declaring them a 'Self-administered state for the Wa People' [Link] This meant that the state was permitted all the accoutrements of government, including a president, a legislative body, an army and passport, using the promised aim of 'upholding the interests of the Wa people' as a camouflage for nefarious acts.

Myanmar cemented the Wa State's existence into its constitution in 2004, and formally launched it on August 20, 2010 under Chinese pressure.

The 'nation' held a 30th anniversary celebration on April 17, 2019 [Link]

The official languages are 'Wa' (an Austroasiatic language spoken in the 'Burmese Triangle') and Chinese. The currency is the Chinese Renminbi and the capital is Hopang.

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