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  U.S. Supreme Court
NameJohn G. Roberts Jr.
Votes78 (78.00%)
Margin56 (+56.00%)
Term09/29/2005 - 01/01/2150
Associate Justices
   Associate Justice 1  Sonia Sotomayor 0 09 +37.37%
   Associate Justice 2  Ketanji Brown Jackson 0 22 +6.00%
   Associate Justice 3  Elena Kagan 0 10 +26.00%
   Associate Justice 4  Brett M. Kavanaugh 0 18 +2.00%
   Associate Justice 5  Amy Coney Barrett 0 20 +4.00%
   Associate Justice 6  Samuel A. Alito Jr. 0 06 +16.00%
   Associate Justice 7  Neil M. Gorsuch 0 17 +9.09%
   Associate Justice 8  Clarence Thomas 0 91 +4.00%
Civil Court
 U.S. District Courts     
Courts of Appeals
 U.S. Courts of Appeals     

Institutions DETAILS
Parents > United States  
Established 00, 0000
Disbanded Still Active
Last ModifiedRBH February 04, 2013 08:13pm
Description Profile for Approval polls and such located here... [Link]

The Supreme Court orginally had 6 members from 1789 to 1807. The court gained a member (7 members) in 1807. Then it gained an 8th and 9th member in 1837. A 10th member was added in 1863. But in 1866, Congress passed a law declaring that the next three justices to retire won't be replaced. One justice (Justice Catron) retired in 1866 and another (Justice Wayne) retired in 1867. But in 1869, a law was passed adding a 9th Supreme Court seat, that was filled in 1870. This size has remained since 1869.

Container for the Justice Catron seat: [Link]
Container for the Justice Wayne seat: [Link]


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Polls Close Description Takes Office
Jan 01, 3000 10:20am Supreme Court - Associate Justice  Jan 01, 3000 02:00pm

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