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  Castle, Mike
<-  2007-01-03  
NameMike Castle
Address2001 Kentmere Place
Wilmington, Delaware 19806-2115, United States
Website [Link]
Born July 02, 1939 (82 years)
ContributorBarack O-blame-a
Last ModifedIndyGeorgia
Feb 14, 2018 03:11pm
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InfoA former Deputy Attorney General, state legislator, Lieutenant Governor and two-term Governor of Delaware, Mike Castle is currently serving his fifth term as Delaware?s sole Member in the House of Representatives. Since coming to Congress in 1993, he has tried to bring the common-sense approach of Delaware bipartisan legislating to Washington, D.C. He has been building bridges and forming coalitions with Republicans and Democrats since that time.

He has focused his efforts on finding pragmatic, bipartisan solutions to some of the most pressing problems facing the country and serves as President of the Republican Main Street Partnership, a group of centrist Republicans who meet to discuss policy issues and influence legislation. He also helped organize and found the House Centrist Coalition, a group of five Republicans and five Democrats who meet on a weekly basis to accomplish reasonable, good government legislation.

Mike Castle has played a key role in enacting many important laws which have improved the lives of Delawareans and all Americans. He has been instrumental in helping to write and pass Welfare Reform, the Balanced Budget Act, Child Nutrition Programs, Education Flexibility, K-12 Education Reform and Campaign Finance Reform to name a few.

Mike chairs the Subcommittee on Education Reform and has jurisdiction over pre-school through high school education, including vo-tech education. He has played a major role in shaping the education reform package, No Child Left Behind, President Bush recently signed into law. Some of the major issues Castle is focused on include testing, flexibility, assessments, early reading, teacher quality and raising the performance of all students by narrowing the gap between disadvantaged students and their better-off peers.

Through his subcommittee, Castle will also be able to focus on one of his top priorities, education research. His legislation will improve the quality and relevance of education research, by holding these activities to new standards of scientific rigor and focusing on the needs of educators and policymakers. Castle will also focus on reform of early childhood education programs and addressing special education needs.

Mike also serves on the House Financial Services Committee, which has jurisdiction over banking with the securities and insurance industries. Castle deals with issues which directly affect Delaware?s financial services industries and every consumer. He is studying the nation?s financial markets and how they serve consumers, oversee the insurance industry, target fraudulent brokers and ensuring the safety and soundness of institutions which lend consumer credit.

Additionally, Mike Castle is a Member of the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and will chair the Subcommittee on Technical and Tactical Intelligence. He has played a major role in shaping the intelligence budget in response to the September 11 attacks and most recently has traveled to Guantanamo Bay Naval Base on an Intelligence fact finding trip. He will continue his push to reform the U.S. satellite launch program, which he believes needs more accountability and better acquisition practices in order to protect U.S. intelligence and taxpayer dollars.

A budget hawk at heart, Castle will continue pushing for fiscal restraint, reducing pork projects, establishing a budget reserve account for emergencies and paying down the national debt.

Mike Castle was born and raised in Wilmington, Delaware where he currently lives with his wife Jane. He is a graduate of Tower Hill High School, Hamilton College and Georgetown University Law School.

Campaign Website: [Link]

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03/05/2009-03/08/2009 Public Policy Polling 54.00% ( 0.0) 33.00% ( 0.0) 13.00% ( 0.0)

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Jun 11, 2009 11:00am News Undecided Castle foregoes leadership post  Article John 
Sep 25, 2006 05:10am News Delaware congressman suffers 2 small strokes  Article RP 
Jan 27, 2003 08:43pm General Castle takes on GOP leaders  Article RP 

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  09/14/2010 DE US Senate - Special R Primary Lost 46.92% (-6.15%)
  11/04/2008 DE At-Large Won 61.08% (+23.09%)
  11/07/2006 DE At-Large Won 57.17% (+18.41%)
  11/02/2004 DE At-Large Won 69.09% (+39.40%)
  11/05/2002 DE At-Large Won 72.07% (+45.36%)
  11/07/2000 DE At-Large Won 67.63% (+36.82%)
  11/03/1998 DE At-Large Won 66.37% (+34.55%)
  11/05/1996 DE At-Large Won 69.55% (+42.10%)
  11/08/1994 DE At-Large Won 70.74% (+44.17%)
  11/03/1992 DE At-Large Won 55.42% (+12.90%)
  09/12/1992 DE At-Large - R Primary Won 55.62% (+25.92%)
  11/08/1988 DE Governor Won 70.73% (+41.46%)
  11/06/1984 DE Governor Won 55.53% (+11.06%)
  11/04/1980 DE Lt. Governor Won 58.72% (+18.51%)
  11/07/1972 DE State Senate 01 Won 60.36% (+20.71%)
  11/05/1968 DE State Senate 01 Won 54.03% (+8.06%)
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US President - R Primaries - Jul 01, 1988 R Pierre S. "Pete" du Pont, IV
C00254938 Castle Campaign Fund $ 539275.94