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  Owen, David
<-  2008-01-01  
NameDavid Owen
Plymouth, , England
Born July 02, 1938 (82 years)
ContributorWishful Thinking
Last ModifedDr. Cynic
Nov 15, 2011 12:27pm
Tags Welsh - Married -
InfoBorn David Anthony Llewellyn Owen.

Owen is a medical doctor, first serving as an MP for Labour, he later split away from the party to become one of the "Gang of Four" who formed the SDP after splitting from Labour over the election of Michael Foot as leader.

Owen lost the initial leadership election of the party to Roy Jenkins but later became party leader after Jenkins stepped aside, sharing SDP-Liberal Alliance leadership with David Steel of the Liberal Party. The two men had difficulty getting along as Owen charted a more moderate course than Steel who was advocating more leftist policies. The 1987 election was a disaster for the Alliance and many members advocated a merger of the SDP and Liberals into a new party. Owen, fiercely protective of the SDP's independence fought it tooth and nail and in the end formed a new, smaller SDP which lasted until the disasterous Bootle by-election where the SDP candidate finished behind the Monster Raving Looney Party. Owen announced the end of the party and served his remaining term as an independent.

Always strong-willed and stubbon, Owen has long developed a contrarian, somewhat quixotic, even sometimes an arrogant image. Owen resigned from positions repeatedly in his career when he felt they betrayed his own convictions, even imploding his own SDP. Such outbursts of stubborness and occassionally percieved arrogance gained him the nickname "Dr. Death".

Owen is married to Deborah Owen, an American literary agent.

MP for Plymouth Sutton 1966-1974
MP for Plymouth Devonport 1974-1992

Foreign Secretary 1977-1979

Social Democratic Party Leader 1983-1987

Granted life peerage as Baron Owen of the City of Plymouth in 1992.



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Jan 17, 2011 02:00am Speculative Lord [David] Owen impressed by Labour and would consider rejoining  Article Ralphie 

Importance? 7.00000 Average


  05/30/1992 UK House of Lords - Baron Owen of Plymouth Won 100.00% (+100.00%)
  06/11/1987 UK Parliament - Plymouth Devonport Won 42.27% (+13.00%)
  06/11/1987 UK Prime Minister Lost 3.38% (-54.46%)
  06/12/1983 Social Democratic Party Leader Won 100.00% (+100.00%)
  06/09/1983 UK Parliament - Plymouth Devonport Won 44.73% (+10.59%)
  07/01/1982 Social Democratic Party Leader Lost 44.28% (-11.44%)
  03/26/1981 UK Parliament - Plymouth Devonport - Crossing the Floor Won 100.00% (+100.00%)
  03/26/1981 Social Democratic Party Leader - Interim Won 25.00% (+0.00%)
  06/14/1979 Labour Party Shadow Cabinet Election Won 6.93% (-3.57%)
  05/03/1979 UK Parliament - Plymouth Devonport Won 48.03% (+2.91%)
  10/10/1974 UK Parliament - Plymouth Devonport Won 47.68% (+6.19%)
  02/28/1974 UK Parliament - Plymouth Devonport Won 42.19% (+1.17%)
  06/18/1970 UK Parliament - Plymouth Sutton Won 50.64% (+1.29%)
  03/31/1966 UK Parliament - Plymouth Sutton Won 54.51% (+9.02%)
  10/15/1964 UK Parliament - Torrington Lost 15.60% (-29.34%)
UK EU Membership Referendum - Jun 23, 2016 NO Leave
UK Prime Minister - May 07, 2015 LAB Ed Miliband
UK Alternative Vote Referendum - May 05, 2011 NO No