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  Jones, Sheila
NameSheila Jones
Chicago, Illinois , United States
Born Unknown
Contributoreddy 9_99
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Oct 03, 2007 11:36pm
InfoMrs. Sheila Anne Jones, an accomplished mezzosoprano and musical pedagogue, is a founding member of the Schiller Institute, and currently the Midwest Coordinator of the Lyndon LaRouche movement, Born in Chicago, Illinois, her family moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where she attended public and Catholic schools, and earned her Bachelor's Degree in Music Education from Mount Mary Catholic Girls College. In her youth she was active with the NAACP Youth Council, and the Open Housing Civil Rights campaigns of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. As a teacher, she joyfully taught choir and strings at Milwaukee Public School's Roosevelt Junior High School, and as a choir director, Mrs. Jones created classical string, vocal and drama programs for Milwaukee ghetto youth, entering students in the State Music Vocal competitions.

Mrs. Jones found great inspiration in the movement of Lyndon H. LaRouche, since her early discovery of LaRouche's mobilzation against the drug-rock-sex- counterculture, embodied in the founding of the National Anti-Drug Coalition, and inspired by release of the LaRouche- commissioned book, "Dope, Inc." Mrs. Jones left Milwaukee to join the "War on Drugs" in Chicago. Applying the lessons and skills she had learned from her childhood involvement, coupled with her experience as a public school educator, as well as a leader of the Milwaukee Teachers Education Association's first and last strike, her activities over the past two decades have included many campaigns for political office.

Mrs. Jones stepped into the political arena for the first time in her life in her bid for U.S. Congress in 1982, challenging Sidney Yates (9th C.D.) . To make the point, she placed herself on the ballot as the "Anti-Drug Party" candidate, which she established for this purpose. Mrs. Jones engaged in a whirlwind of lectures at scores of high schools, colleges, as well as sermons in churches, throughout the state of Illinois, while simultaneously leading work on legislation to: outlaw drug paraphenalia shops; identify and unseat elected officials, as well as, judges who were on the payroll of the drug-lobby, which gave birth to her husband's founding an army of Moms and Grandmoms, who contributed to a newsletter called "JudgeWatch".

Mrs. Jones is fondly referred to as the "shadow Mayor" of the city of Chicago, as she personally views the office of Mayor as critical to the lives of our city, she runs for that office. Mrs. Jones was the first African-American woman in Illinois history to run for Governor of Illinois.

As classical culture, music, and universal history are a critical part of her political efforts, her career has taken her to war-torn Croatia, in former Yugoslavia, to give lectures, master-classes and workshops, and to India, where she addressed Parliamentary bodies in Delhi, in 1987, as part of a whirlwind tour of there, at the invitation of the All India Lawyers' Association in Delhi. She also held master classes on music and culture in Amman, Jordan.

In 1994, as Illinois gubernatorial candidate Illinois, she produced and directed a classical musical-drama, called "Through the Years", written by Civil Rights leader Mrs. Amelia Boynton-Robinson. The cast, more than 75 children, grandparents, and families, performed at the DuSable Museum as a contribution to Black History Month.


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  02/28/1995 Chicago Mayor- D Primary Lost 1.15% (-64.65%)
  03/15/1994 IL Governor - D Primary Lost 2.11% (-42.23%)
  11/03/1992 IL DIstrict 9 Lost 5.01% (-62.97%)
  02/26/1991 Chicago Mayor- D Primary Lost 0.33% (-62.68%)
  02/28/1989 Chicago Mayor - D Primary Lost 0.13% (-55.24%)
  03/15/1988 Cook County Recorder of Deeds - D Primary Lost 21.95% (-56.10%)
  02/24/1987 Chicago Mayor - D Primary Lost 0.23% (-53.26%)
  03/18/1986 IL US Senate- D Primary Lost 15.23% (-69.54%)
  03/20/1984 IL District 1 - D Primary Lost 16.71% (-66.57%)
  07/26/1983 IL District 1 - Special D Primary Lost 0.16% (-44.92%)
  02/22/1983 Chicago Mayor - D Primary Lost 0.11% (-36.17%)
  11/02/1982 IL District 9 Lost 1.51% (-65.00%)