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  Bukewihge, Edie
NameEdie Bukewihge
AddressPost Office Box 1625
Newport Beach, California 92659, United States
Born February 10, 1950 (70 years)
ContributorNone Entered
Last ModifedRBH
Jul 14, 2015 02:26am
Tags Married - Latter Day Saints (Mormon) -
InfoBased on the allowances made in the 2000 Election on the federal ticket for President and Vice-President, Edie Bukewihge is entering the Presidential Race as well as keeping her present position for the run of U S Senator for California in the 2004 Elections.


"Why? What is good for the goose is good for the gander. When policy is not adhered to for the sake of keeping a corrupted government intact, there is solid reason for the legal citizens in this country to question leadership.

When women are approached by locals in Orange County or any county, and are made to feel the party will not allow them to enter any race for positions in government, I am not only concerned, yet angered to the limit. Insecure leaders with ties to corruption, beware of those who know what politics consist of; it sometimes hurts.

How dare the local members of any Party to do the dirty work of higher seats in government, to not dirty the hands of those whom you fear. (Let me save you the embarrassment. When I become President, you will never need to dirty your hands for someone else again.)

It is time for change. The people will decide whether I should be U S Senator of California, or President of this country. My bet, I will get the seat that the People choose. Let's roll? I think not. Let us state the facts, and begin the interview.

The Constitution is now the focal point, in a real sense, and many should read it, in total. The process will prevail in its full glory this 2004. From the gutt or from the heart? Or, shall it be below the belt. The challengers had better start studying their scripts. I don't have any.

The heritage of this nation is multi-national which clearly includes whites and blacks, clearly those blacks and whites who shed their blood for freedom, and others who have joined this country. Declared September 17, 1787, and forever our history of the United States includes the United States Constitution and NOT the United Nations Constitution. And, the Proclamation Emancipation is real.

With respect to President Polk, California recieved its freedom in the U. S. - Mexican War when we overthrew the tyrants from Mexico who were participating in murder and theft of a People as the same tyrants today in Iraq. Let us get this straight, much blood was shed in this war as well.

Heritage is everything in this country, and to protect our heritage, is to protect the foundation that our future will need to move forward from generation to generation.

The United States freedoms are in jeopardy, we are losing our freedoms one by one for just too long. Not one coming to the United States, should bring their baggage from rogue countries, and be allowed to lay on the heads of our country their ridiculous notions to change our way of life.

I am a native of this country, as many others. But a few that are running currently for either seat of U S Senator, or President are not.

My eye is still watching the crap in California attempting to run for Governor on a bogus cause. Taxation and Education will not be corrected, with those who claim 'fault'. What I do see, is someone who does not have an advantage of the electoral vote.

A race that could have been won, was lost in 2002. (And the challenge of Nick Jesson was ignored. (Wrong messenger, not the pick of the party electeds, the People of the State never had a clue, and the vote was not properly counted in the Primary or the General Election. How do we know? Tested votes, that were not counted.)

The reason so many in this country are becoming lower class, is that the leadership is attempting to bring about a ONE RULE ORDER classified as 'Nation-States', something that can not be accomplished with smart savvy or educated voters.

Our 1st and 2nd Amendments are being attacked, and the attacks can be squashed, with good leadership.

To take away our rights to speak and challenge government, to flaw the meaning of the inferences to religion, and to disarm us in this country, is only the beginning of the past to present leadership ploys to create a Nation-State status for the United States. The polarization of capitalist-socialist (or fascist) government is on the rise, if we don't start paying close attention.

Think about it, our military is depleted, we are spreading our forces thin, and yet, the United Nations has its troops throughout the United States, and the word is, based with our National Guard. Have we ever been so dangerously close to a Hitlerist-move? Well, now we are. And, I personnally spoke with one of the U.N. Soldiers during the Clinton Adminitration who was based in the Orange County area, while he shopped in a local market in Costa Mesa, California, in his full U. N. uniform.

We are in trouble ladies and gentlemen of the country, from both sides of the aisle. We need to unseat, and replace government in the 2004 elections, without fail." Edie Bukewihge


[updated 7/13/03]
Where I stand:

I believe firmly that we should enforce each and every amendment of the U S Constitution, and re-write all State Constitutions to reflect these beliefs.

Prop 187 is enforceable, and should have never been overturned by the sitting Governor of California.

The Re-Call in California is a sham, and I do not trust the messengers. Their ultimate goals are ridiculous, as it is based on Taxation, and we had two that ran for Governor in 2002 who vowed to lower taxes to nearly nothing.

E-mail your questions, and I will included your answers in my next speech.
Addressing my education is what I am constantly asked to do. Nothing will impress you. I am strongly aware of the detail of the issues in California; my education and work experience will be of great value.

As a single parent by choice, I still care for my sons' father and have since married Bill. I raised my son from birth in Beverly Hills. The educational system was superb, and my son is an ex-latch key kid.

Raising my son would not have been easy for many persons, and it was not easy for me. I did not have help from anyone. If I had raised my son anywhere else it would have, in all probability, been the same.

My name is Edie Bukewihge; I am honored to be an American everyday of my life. Got any questions? Click 'contact' and email me.

Born in a small community of San Antonio, Texas; Lackland Air Force Base in fact, and proud of it. Things could have been worst. We got lucky for a while.

My parents divorced when I was seven, my mother took her children, and we moved to California, and she became a licensed nurse. Landing in San Francisco first and shortly after moved to Los Angeles near my Aunt Ola who was a past Texan, she was from Houston. Texans are a proud people, and equally we are proud of our families and friends, from time to time.

I absolutely hated school in my younger years. Peer pressure can be terrible, during adolescent trials. I had not lost my Texan way of talking, and still said 'ma'am, and sir', and was always made fun of by other kids, it was not easy trying to live a normal life in California.

I attended Los Angeles High School, before the earthquake. In addition, somewhere I most likely still have my brick; I seem to save everything. The makings of a good grandmother someday.

Worked in many jobs along the way, I started a few businesses, and found that it was not so hard to get up (from the sixties to the seventies), then came the eighties. Getting up was harder, and the games were not the same. The economy was erratic in the eighties and nothing ever seemed to fit, for an average single parent. Going to college with a child was the hardest.

I am a mother who learned the hard way. How to survive a small family life in Beverly Hills, where the economy had nothing to do with how I would make a living, yet how I could maintain a lifestyle suitable for my son to have his roots, in a city of Old-Money.

My story is no different from any other single parent who has struggled in California in any city. Everything is costly, at least in the cities, and nothing comes without sacrifice. We all seem to survive or fail, and pick ourselves up to start all over again.

I have been in the company of many, and none are any better than you or I. We all have something, and one thing for sure, the same runs through our veins and we breathe air. I do not regret the many paths of my life; I regret there is poverty, I regret there is a world so blind to not include all who exist in it.

Our government has always been controlling, and our neighborhoods have always found good and bad together, it really does not matter where you live, taxing and regulations rule your life. This has always bothered me, and what I have found is that most of us have just moved along and maybe some of us watch the news.

Having multiple degrees in education may not be my strongest point, or being a successful businessperson or entrepreneur; but, I am able to handle the position of Governor of this state without one doubt in my mind.

Philosophically and mathematically, we need a new leader. I fit this task, and Mr. Davis will win this race if I am NOT his opponent. I am open of how I feel about the candidates running in this race with me. I do not believe them. I am a regular citizen that has had enough.

Sustaining my life in everything I do is interesting even to myself. My motivation in everything is of survival, always listening and learning with every day that passes. I am getting older and slower, and smarter as I go, and would like to see my fair wisdom put to use for the future of where my grandchildren will live, and the future of the families that are not running in this race that could.

I see no racism in the future of California or America; I see no injustice in the near future in our court systems. Moreover, I see legal citizens taking their country back from the socialist politicians that think we are stupid. The stakes are not too high to reach for, and I am Edie Bukewihge, a vibrant and capable woman all of my life, and for to come.

My participation should lend hope to those that thought they could not.

I have been running this race alone. The people of this state will be the only concern I have, and no other person or entity will control me. I am tired, and so are the millions of people of this state, and it is time we get some relief.

Lastly, and with no disrespect, money will not win this seat, integrity and honor will win this seat. And that is all I have to say.

It's me! I do not like biography stuff, and this is it, and a little bit more.


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