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  Brown, Jr., Edmund G. "Jerry"
<-  2014-11-01  
NameEdmund G. "Jerry" Brown, Jr.
Address2355 Broadway
Oakland, California , United States
Website [Link]
Born April 07, 1938 (82 years)
Last ModifedRBH
Oct 29, 2018 07:29pm
Tags Caucasian - Irish - Liberal - Anti Alaska/Offshore Oil Drilling - Anti Marijuana Legalization - Anti-Death Penalty - Anti-Social Security Privatization - Government Reform - Health Care Reform - Jobs/Industrial Growth - Pro Embryonic Stem Cell Research - Pro Environment - Pro-Affirmative Action - Pro-Choice - Pro-Gay Marriage - Pro-Gun control - Pro-Labor - Pro-Term Limits - Protectionist - Married - Catholic - Straight -
InfoEdmund G. Brown, Jr., known as Jerry, was born in San Francisco on April 7, 1938. He attended both public and parochial schools, graduating from St. Ignatius High School in 1955. He completed his freshman year at the University of Santa Clara before entering Sacred Heart Novitiate, a Jesuit seminary in August 1956. Two years later, he took vows of poverty, chastity and obedience. In 1960, he left the Society of Jesus and enrolled at the University of California at Berkeley. He received his B.A. degree in Classics the next year and then entered Yale Law School, where he graduated in 1964.

Following law school, Brown worked as a law clerk to California Supreme Court Justice Mathew Tobriner, traveled and studied in Mexico and Latin America and then took up residence in Los Angeles, working for the prestigious law firm, Tuttle & Taylor. In 1969, Brown was elected to the Los Angeles Community College Board of Trustees, placing first in a field of 124. In 1970, he was elected California Secretary of State. During his term, he forced legislators to comply with campaign disclosure laws, exposed President Nixon’s use of falsely notarized documents to improperly earn a large tax deduction and drafted and helped pass the California Fair Political Practices Act. Brown personally argued before the state Supreme Court and won against Gulf, Mobile and Standard Oil for election law violations (Brown vs. Superior Court).

Brown was elected Governor in 1974 and reelected in 1978, by over one million votes.

During Governor Brown’s tenure, California produced 25% of the nation's new jobs, significantly reduced taxes and built up the largest state surplus ever. His eight years in office are generally considered among the most innovative in California history. He established the first agricultural labor relations law in the country, enacted collective bargaining for teachers and other public employees, started the California Conservation Corp (CCC), signed into permanent law the California Coastal Protection Act, earned federal protection of Northern California wild and scenic rivers, brought about the country's first building and appliance energy efficiency standards and made California the leader in solar and alternative energy.

Brown appointed more women, Asians, Latinos and African-Americans to high government positions than any other chief executive.

He also created the nation’s first Wellness Commission, the Office of Appropriate Technology, the Native American Heritage Preservation Commission and the California Commission on Industrial Innovation. As president of the University of California Regents, Brown successfully sponsored the establishment of the prestigious Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation. Brown legalized the practice of Acupuncture and strongly supported the rights of chiropractors, osteopaths and lay midwives. He also significantly expanded apprenticeship programs and created the California Worksite Education and Training Act (CWETA). He mandated every high school district to establish clear graduation standards and successfully fought for increased math and science requirements for both the California State University and University of California systems.

In the field of crime fighting, Brown enacted hundreds of tough anti-crime measures, including the “Use A Gun Go To Prison” Law and mandatory sentences for rape, sale of heroin, violent crimes against the elderly, child molestation and selling PCP. He established and funded the Career Criminal Prosecution Program, the Career Criminal Apprehension Program and the Crime Resistance Task Force. As a result, the percentage of convicted felons who were sent to state prison increased 100% during his governorship. Recidivism (parolees returning to prison) was a fraction of what it is today. Finally, Brown restructured the California Arts Commission so that it was composed of practicing artists and increased funding by 1300%.

After his defeat by Pete Wilson in the 1982 U.S. Senate race, Brown lectured widely, led delegations to China and the Soviet Union, studied Spanish in Mexico, spent six months in Japan studying Japanese culture and Buddhist practice, worked with Mother Teresa in India at the Home for the Dying and traveled to Bangladesh as a CARE ambassador of good will during the devastating floods of 1988.

Brown again practiced law in Los Angeles and in 1989 became chairman of the state Democratic Party. He resigned that position in 1991, expressing his disgust with the growing influence of money in politics, and sought the 1992 Democratic Presidential nomination. During that campaign he refused to take contributions larger than $100 and used an "800" number to raise funds.

Despite limited financial resources, Brown defeated Bill Clinton in Maine, Colorado, Vermont, Connecticut, Utah and Nevada during the 1992 Presidential primaries and was the only candidate other than Clinton to receive enough voter support to continue until the Democratic National Convention.

In 1998, Brown ran for mayor of Oakland against 11 other candidates and won in the primary with 59% of the vote. Before taking office, he successfully passed a voter initiative, changing the ceremonial office of mayor to that of a “Strong Mayor” form of city government. Brown was re-elected in 2002 with 64% of the vote.

During his tenure as Oakland mayor, Brown successfully reversed decades of neglect and economic decay and made Oakland one of the top ten green cities in America. He inaugurated the 10K Housing program, bringing 10,000 new residents to the heart of the city and creating a new urban vitality of art galleries, restaurants and festivals. Most noteworthy, the 1928 Fox Movie palace—dark for 30 years—was totally restored and expanded, becoming the home for the Oakland School for the Arts and a live music venue.

Brown personally founded the Oakland School for the Arts and the Oakland Military Institute. Both schools serve students from the 6th grade through the 12th and are among the best performing schools in Oakland. Their graduates are now studying in such outstanding universities as Yale, Vassar, Stanford, West Point, UCLA and UC Berkeley.

On June 18, 2005, Brown married Anne Gust in a ceremony officiated by Senator Dianne Feinstein. Later the same day, they had a Catholic ceremony at St. Agnes, the San Francisco church where Jerry was baptized and his parents were married. The marriage is the first for both.

Jerry Brown was elected California's 31st Attorney General on November 6, 2006. Brown's margin of victory, 18-points, was greater than that of any other candidate for statewide office.

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Importance? 9.40000 Average

Wife Anne Gust-Brown Jun 18, 2005-
Father Edmund G. "Pat" Brown 1905-1996
Grandfather Edmund J. Brown 1870-1942
Uncle Harold C. Brown 1907-1998
1st Cousin Harold C. "Hal" Brown, Jr. 1945-2012
Uncle Francis Brown 1917-1988
1st Cousin Jeff Brown 1943-
Sister Kathleen Brown 1945-
Father In-Law Rockwell T. Gust Jr. 0000-

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  11/04/2014 CA Governor Won 59.97% (+19.94%)
  06/03/2014 CA Governor - Open Primary Won 54.34% (+34.96%)
  11/02/2010 CA Governor Won 53.77% (+12.88%)
  06/08/2010 CA Governor - D Primary Won 84.38% (+80.39%)
  11/07/2006 CA Attorney General Won 56.29% (+18.17%)
  06/06/2006 CA Attorney General - D Primary Won 63.22% (+26.44%)
  03/05/2002 Oakland Mayor Won 63.54% (+27.08%)
  06/02/1998 Oakland Mayor Won 58.92% (+43.96%)
  07/16/1992 US President - D Convention Lost 14.19% (-66.08%)
  07/01/1992 US President - D Primaries Lost 20.19% (-31.79%)
  02/13/1989 CA Democratic Party Chairman Won 67.20% (+34.40%)
  11/02/1982 CA US Senate Lost 44.78% (-6.76%)
  06/08/1982 CA US Senate - D Primary Won 50.66% (+35.55%)
  08/14/1980 US Vice President - D Convention Lost 0.06% (-72.84%)
  08/14/1980 US President - D Convention Lost 0.03% (-64.01%)
  06/03/1980 US President - D Primaries Lost 2.93% (-48.18%)
  02/26/1980 NH US Vice President - D Primary Lost 13.16% (-73.36%)
  11/07/1978 CA Governor Won 56.03% (+19.53%)
  06/06/1978 CA Governor - D Primary Won 77.53% (+73.53%)
  07/15/1976 US President - D Convention Lost 10.01% (-64.47%)
  07/01/1976 US President - D Primaries Lost 15.39% (-23.80%)
  11/05/1974 CA Governor Won 50.12% (+2.86%)
  06/04/1974 CA Governor - D Primary Won 37.75% (+18.84%)
  11/03/1970 CA Secretary of State Won 50.41% (+4.80%)
  06/02/1970 CA Secretary of State - D Primary Won 67.70% (+43.18%)
CA US Senate - Open Primary - Jun 05, 2018 D Dianne Feinstein
CA US Senate - Nov 08, 2016 D Kamala Harris
Proposition 57 (Criminal Sentences) - Nov 08, 2016 YES Yes
CA US President - D Primary - Jun 07, 2016 D Hillary Clinton
San Diego Mayor - Special Primary - Nov 19, 2013 D Nathan Fletcher
CA - District 30 - Open Primary - Jun 05, 2012 D Howard L. Berman
CA Proposition 23 - Suspension of AB 32 - Nov 02, 2010 NO No
Proposition 19 - Legalizes Marijuana Under California but not Federal Law - Nov 02, 2010 NO No
CA Proposition 8 - Eliminates Right of Same-Sex Couples to Marry - Nov 04, 2008 NO No
Oakland Mayor - Jun 06, 2006 N Ignacio De La Fuente
Oakland City Council District 2 - Special Election - May 17, 2005 N Pat Kernighan
Oakland City Council District 6 - Mar 05, 2002 N Moses L. Mayne
CA US President - D Primary - Mar 07, 2000 D Al Gore
US President - D Primaries - Jul 01, 2000 D Al Gore
Los Angeles City Council - District 07 - May 10, 1989 D Lyle Hall
CA District 43 - Nov 04, 1980 R Clair Walter Burgener
CA US President - D Primary - Jun 06, 1972 D Edmund S. Muskie
US President - D Convention - Aug 29, 1968 D Eugene J. McCarthy
CA US President - D Primary - Jun 04, 1968 D Eugene J. McCarthy
US President - D Primaries - Jun 11, 1968 D Eugene J. McCarthy