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  Newland, David J.
NameDavid J. Newland
Bellaire, Michigan , United States
Born May 29, 1956 (65 years)
ContributorBarack O-blame-a
Last ModifedRBH
Jan 12, 2022 02:02am
InfoI am 48 years old, have been married to Debra for 24 years, and have three children. My oldest, Kent, is a sergeant in the US Army, and is currently serving in Afghanistan. My daughter Jennifer is working and living in Traverse City, MI, and my youngest, Derek, lives at home and works in a local computer store.

I graduated from Hartford High School In Hartford, Mi in 1974. I joined the US Navy in September of that year (30 years ago, whew), and completed Naval Nuclear Power School in August, 1976. I was given an honorable discharge in Nov, 1977. For the record, I have two brothers who also served in the military, and my dad with the Third Army in World War Two.

I was accepted for enrollment at the University of Michigan in 1978, but caught a severe case of mononucleosis one month after college started, dropped out, and never went back. Instead, I found work in the commercial nuclear power industry as a Health Physics Technician, and worked in the industry from October 1979 to June, 1994. I have attended college, studying Physics, Chemistry, and Math, but have no degree. I have also attended many training seminars in management, Quality Assurance, Technical Writing, and other areas associated with management in nuclear power.

In 1992 I had to make a choice regarding my future as a parent. I could either continue working in the nuclear industry, where I was successful, but where I was beginning to miss the events that my children were engaged in, from school plays to soccer games, or leave the industry, move home to northern Michigan, and find a different line of work. I chose the latter.

I started a business in 1992 and failed miserably. That business was in New York, and my hope was to commute from Michigan to New York. After that catastrophy, I moved back home and found a job. I really didn't like working for someone else, so I took the chance and started my own business, Prescription Pool and Spa. It was a rough start, and I never made as much money as I could have, but it was the best move I ever made, for the following reasons::

I attended probably 90% of my kid's football games, basketball games, soccer games, track meets, award ceremonies, and everything else they did. I got involved in local politics, especially the local school board, but also in local environmental issues.

My memories of my children are priceless, and my experience in local politcs has been both eye opening and frustrating. I have watched while self interested politicians have worked to destroy public education, undermined the Constitution, wreaked havoc in the world, and generally have worked against the best interests of the United States of America. Therefore, I decided it was time to try to work to change the way things are.

Mostly, this would have remained a dream if I hadn't have been in an automobile accident , the after effects being such that I could not continue with my business. In July of 2003 I began to work at Big Rock Point Nuclear Power Plant as a Health Physics tech again, and closed my business permanently in September, 2003. I left a lot of customers behind who were not happy, but I had no choice.

But, some times when one door closes, another one opens. Thus, I decided to join the Green Party and run for office. I chose the US Congress because I believe changes at the Federal level are vital, and currently there is no one in office that is willing to work for the changes I believe need to be made.

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