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  Ogle, James "Jimmy"
NameJames "Jimmy" Ogle
Address715 9th St.
Pacific Grove, California 93950, United States
Website [Link]
Born Unknown
ContributorThomas Walker
Last ModifedRBH
Dec 04, 2019 11:07pm
Tags Pro Marijuana Legalization -
InfoOther unique voices in this election emanate from the ranks of the Pot Party, which is sponsoring two candidates for seats on the Sand City Council--James "Green Bud" Ogle and Robert Cepeda, plus one candidate--Rebecca Perry--for mayor. On behalf of all of the Pot Party candidates, Ogle declined to speak to Coast Weekly for this article, except to say that he and Cepeda and Perry were "trying to keep [the campaign] more underground and grassroots, close to the voter."

Ogle did reveal that one of the platforms of the Pot Party in this election was the promotion in Sand City and throughout the nation of the USA Parliament. This organization is a collection of 100 elected members representing not just traditional political parties, but, as listed on the USA Parliament''s Web site, such nascent political organizations as the Skateboard Party, the Hemp Party, the Bicycle Party, the Beer Party and the Flying Saucer Party. The USA Parliament is currently led by a prime minister or "Taoiseach" (pronounced tee-SHOCK) named Igor Chudov. Ogle serves as secretary of USA Parliament.

"We hope to make Sand City the first parliamentary city in the country," he says.

"I''ve seen Ogle around council meetings and he doesn''t know nothing [sic] about what''s going on," says Pendergrass, who adds, "Ogle has his own agenda. He wants the free use of marijuana."



A little research would have fleshed out the strange story ("Clamoring at the Gate," Sept. 17) of James Ogle and his imaginary "USA Parliament."

Mr. Ogle is the only person in U.S. history to be defeated in a statewide election by "none of the above." He wanted to be the Green Party's candidate for governor in '94, but the Greens didn't want to contest that race. "None of the above" was a valid choice in that primary, and it beat Mr. Ogle by more than 2.5 to 1.

The defeat did not sit well with Mr. Ogle, and he began a strange Internet campaign of misinformation, first against the Greens, and then against the other political parties which didn't want his leadership, either. He claimed to be the "Secretary" of the Green, Democratic, and Republican Parties, all at the same time! This weird campaign evolved into "The USA Parliament." For his obsession, Mr. Ogle won the Internet's "Usenet Kook of the Month" award, in March 1996.







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