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  Davis, Brandon
<-  2022-01-01  
NameBrandon Davis
Address1925 Village Center Dr
Las Vegas, Nevada , United States
Website [Link]
Born Unknown
Last ModifedBrentinCO
Sep 04, 2022 11:52am
InfoI was born into a blue-collar family of factory workers in Rockford, Illinois. When I moved to Nevada in 2012, the Battleborn spirit of this state, its low taxes, business friendly economy, and live-and-let-live “Nevada-tude” spoke to me. I was home. Unfortunately, our state has lost much of that alluring spirit. That’s why I’m committed to guiding Nevada on a new path forward.

There was a time in my childhood that I was homeless. I experienced first hand the power of community assistance and, even from a young age, saw its value over government handouts. Luckily, I had a single mother with a fighter’s spirit. She worked hard to move us out of tough situations. When we needed to, we entered the welfare system: good people in bad situations need help. But it was our resolve that got us out. That’s why I believe Nevadans should be empowered to rise above. By providing opportunities for employment with better wages and permitting more community organizations to do what they do best, Nevada’s resources and its people can more easily unburden themselves from a system that limits their opportunities.

I was educated in public schools under one of the worst school systems in the United States. Metal detectors, gang activity, and police officers were the norm. Coming from a home where education was a priority, I was the minority. I know first hand how broken the public school system is, which is why I’m a staunch advocate of school choice. Nevada must fund students instead of systems. Being a father with two children in charter schools, I know how meaningful it is to have a choice and a voice in my child’s education.

As a musician, I’ve toured the entirety of this great nation. I’ve loved every minute of time spent with the diverse and hard working Americans I’ve met along the way. Regardless of origin story, ideology, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, or socio-economic status, I’ve discovered we all want the same thing: to live lives of our own chosen meaning and value. That is why I believe in bodily autonomy, the principle of non-discrimination, and civil and human rights for all Americans in every facet of society.

Today, I’m the CEO of a Las Vegas based marketing & advertising agency and partial owner in multiple other small businesses. I’m the Elections Committee Director for the Libertarian Party of Nevada, a previous Chapter President of a nationally recognized business networking organization, and I advocate for my community in several ways. My experience with community organizations has motivated me to spend my time and energy in giving back. I’ve donated my time to help build homes for homeless mothers, soup kitchens, mentoring high school students, and more.

I’ll never forget when I first registered to vote. I was asked: Republican or Democrat? My reaction was and still is: Neither. I’ve always supported Libertarian principles, and in the State of Nevada I’ve helped to grow the Libertarian Party of Nevada to its largest in 40 years. As Elections Committee Director of the LPNV, I support and mentor liberty loving candidates who are ready and eager to serve Nevadans like you. I am one of them. I am one of you.

At the end of the day, my most meaningful titles are always husband and father. My wife, Rebecca, has been an educator serving in the public and private sectors for over 20 years. My children and the loves of my life, Cora and Bear, are 6 and 4. They are my ultimate motivation for everything I do, including this.



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  11/08/2022 NV Governor ???
  05/01/2021 NV Libertarian Party Chair Lost 18.37% (-44.90%)