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  Concepción de Gracia, Gilberto
AffiliationPuerto Rico Independence  
NameGilberto Concepción de Gracia
, Puerto Rico , United States
Born July 09, 1909
DiedMarch 15, 1968 (58 years)
ContributorThomas Walker
Last ModifedRBH
Nov 15, 2012 02:16am
InfoDr Gilberto Conception of Grace was born in High Fertile valley, Puerto Rico, the 9 of July of the 1909, son of Ceferino Concepcio'n and Carmen de Gracia. Jose attended the primary studies in the Elementary School de Diego, in High Fertile valley, and the superior ones in the Central Superior School of the Santurce. In 1932 one graduated as Bachelor in Right in the University of Puerto Rico. He received the rank of masters in Administrative Right and Right of Patents of the University of Georgetown and the degree of Doctor in Legal Sciences of that same university. Its doctoral dissertation took to the title The Land Authority of Puerto Rico. A titled book wrote In Name of the Truth, in addition to editorials, speeches and conferences. One evolved like journalist, lawyer and professor of Hispano-American Literature. As lawyer distinguished itself like civilist and constitutionalist. As politician defended from his first years the independence of Puerto Rico, ideal to which consecrated all its life.

To the 25 years of age, in the 1936, he closed his writing desk in Puerto Rico there and he was transferred to New York like main lawyer of Don Pedro Albizu Fields, to the aims to continue the appeal of the case where the Puerto Rican nationalists were convictos. One settled down in New York there and he dedicated himself to defend to the workers and Puerto Rican workers. He was editorialista and writing head of the Hispanic newspaper the Voice stayed in narrow relation with North American progressive groups, specially with the congressman by New York Vito Marcantonio, with that collaborated by several years in defense of the poor men, the minorities and the marginalized ones in general. Conception of Grace prepared speeches and projects that soon Marcantonio presented/displayed in the Congress of the United States, among them a project to recognize the independence of Puerto Rico.

The Dr Conception of Grace taught Hispano-American Literature in the Middlebury College in Vermont. He was transferred soon to Washington and he worked in the Pan-American, precursory Union of the O.E.A. 1944 remained in Washington until, making studies advanced in Right.

Don Gilberto to Puerto Rico in the 1944 returned, at the request of a group of patriotic Puerto Ricans, to direct to the Second Congress Pro Independence. They decided to recruit to the Dr Conception of Grace to be this one it jeopardize with independence, by having been to the margin of the political fights of the last years in Puerto Rico, and to have capacity and leadership recognized and accepted by all. Before the push that acquired the Congress Pro Independence, Mu�oz Mar�n declared that he was incompatible to be "popular" and, at the same time, to be member of the Congress Pro Independence or the General Confederation of Workers. The foundation was made necessary thus of a political party that defended independence of Puerto Rico and in Bayam�n, the 20 of October of the 1946, arises Puerto Rican the Independentista Party with the Dr Gilberto Conception from Grace like its president.

In spite of the strong opposition of the Popular Party to the foundation of the PIP, the new party it was enrolled and it appeared to the elections of the 1948. The Popular Party tried by all means to prevent the growth and development del PIP, and tried to develop a new political concept, that inaugurates the 25 of July del 1952. The PIP developed an intense campaign against the ELA, which it recognized like the same colonial regime with another name. The PIP refused to participate in the colonial component made to baptize the colony.

In the elections of the 1952 the PIP got to be the second party, with 20% of the votes and chose 15 legislators. Don Gilberto was chosen senator by accumulation and served like spokesman of the PIP in the Senate until the 1960. It was distinguished as parliamentary and it was, with the other legislators of the party, hundreds of projects that, defeated at that time, were, nevertheless, bases for progressive legislation of later years.

One of the main contributions of Don Gilberto to the national political life was the defense of the principle of the separation of powers and the rights and duties of the Legislative Assembly and their commitment and responsibility before the town. It was first in demanding a Legislative Service bureau, with suitable technical personnel and a library with resources for the investigation. It fought because the vote to the young people of 18 years and by the democratization of the municipal governments was granted.

It was delegated of the PIP to public views before the Congress of the United States and the United Nations; memorial presented/displayed before Conference of Bandung, Indonesia, in 1955 (date in which they constituted for the first time the countries nonaligned), represented the Party before the Conference of Havana of the O.A.S. in 1949 and the Congress of Maracay, Venezuela, in 1957.

It participated like delegate of the PIP before of the Commission of the United States and Puerto Rico on the status of Puerto Rico in the 1964, and resigned to the same one when this one became a partial organism that tried to prevent the effective consideration of the case of Puerto Rico before the UN.

It was member and President of the Commission of Civil Rights of the School of Lawyers of Puerto Rico; honorary member of the Society of Artists and Writers of Argentina, of the Society of the Right International and member of the Puerto Rican Athenian.

Of La Paz of the hero and defender, believer rights pressed "in nonher�icos times", since the present president of the PIP has called it, the Lcdo. Rub�n Berr�os Martinez. He was always combative before the system that allows that few privileged people usurp what to all corresponds. "the Doctor", as friends and coreligionists called to him, passed away at the age of 58 years, the 15 of March of 1968. One left, as he himself said, "beyond the doors of the infinite", but he left the example of his life as he guides and inspiration us for the fight.



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