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  Smith, Becki
NameBecki Smith
Address315 - 5th Street SE, #103
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55414, United States
Website [Link]
Born Unknown
ContributorThe Oncoming Storm
Last ModifedThe Oncoming Storm
Aug 10, 2004 07:53pm
Tags Anti-Death Penalty - Pro Animal Rights - Pro Environment - Pro-Choice - Pro-Gay Marriage -
InfoSocial-Economic Justice
Minimum wage should rise with inflation to create a livable wage. Family Farmers in the state need an equal playing ground with corporate agriculture. We need truly affordable housing not luxury apartments or town homes.

Adequate funding needs to be provided to ensure a good education for all children. Currently property taxes are helping to keep our schools funded, however this leaves children in poorer communities stuck with less resources which is unfair. Funding that does not detract from social programs needs to be found.

GLBT Equality
All Civil Unions should be recognized and receive equal benefits. All of these unions should be legally non-religious. Tax and other benefits are to encouaged and assist ALL starting families regardless of faith. Any religious ceremony is separate from the legal aspects of such a union.

ALL gender inequalities such as equal pay and paternal or maternal leave, Will be balanced. Societal roles based on gender such as the 'stay at home mom' simply are not an option for many families in our state. Young women should be encouraged to shadow elected officials and participate in the political process in schools.

Environmental Expansion
We need to do more than protect the environment. By creating green space, bike and walk roads, rooftop gardening, stopping chemical treatment of lawns or gardens, and actually enforcing our existing environmental policy we not only beautify our society, we protect our health and state culture.

Animal Rights
Animal rights certainly includes stopping animal testing, corporate farming, as well as many other corporate or breeder issues. Unfortunately most of the issues around sliding scale or free spay\neuter clinics, animal rescue, the plight of circus animals or pet shop breeding pits are virtually unknown. We need to cut down on the over breeding of unwanted animals that simply get destroyed and provide emergency resources for lower income cohabitors.

[from candidate's website on 10 August 2004]


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  11/02/2004 MN House Seat 59B Lost 12.66% (-46.18%)