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  Farber, Ryan
NameRyan Farber
Los Angeles, California , United States
Website [Link]
Born Unknown
ContributorE Pluribus Unum
Last ModifedRBH
Nov 01, 2019 05:11pm
Tags Caucasian - Anti-Bush Tax Cuts (Pro-Tax Cut Rollback) - Health Care Reform - Pro Environment - Pro Marijuana Legalization - Pro-Choice - Pro-Gay Marriage - Pro-Gun control - Pro-Labor - Pro-Term Limits - Protectionist -
Info70% of everything Ryan pursues in life is done because he believes them to be fun or humorous, but he is 100% serious and passionate about these same endeavors as they are what drive him. With that said, here is his self-written biography:

According to his short and long-form birth certificates, Ryan Andrew Farber was born and raised in the greater Seattle area. The eldest of three boys, he was the instant ring leader and risk-taker. Ryan attended both private and public primary schools and was an avid tennis player. Ryan graduated as a National Merit Scholar from Bellevue High School (famously known for their 4 consecutive state football championships, which Ryan played absolutely no part in). Feigning rebellion, he felt the need to go to college as far from home as possible. With the caveat of major scholarship money to aid the outlandish college tuition costs, he chose to study at the University of Richmond.

A huge proponent of playing the victim card, he actively chose to graduate during the peak of the Great Recession. With less than $100 to his name, he ended up moving to the city of San Francisco, a place where he quickly spent all $100 on the first 10 hours of his monthly rent. Over the course of his time there his progressive views matured. Economically he became a major proponent of increasing the minimum wage, protecting unions, fair housing practices, ending corporate welfare, single-payer healthcare, a more progressive tax code, and breaking up the mega corporations that have come to wield excessive amounts of power over our politicians as well as our individual lives. Socially he developed even stronger views on equal rights for the LGBT community (celebrating in the streets the day gay marriage became law of the land), women’s rights and civil liberties that should protect all individuals whether full citizens or undocumented. There were also dark times in which he witnessed a man overdosing on heroin, overly brutal police enforcement technique, and massive homelessness, a symptom of the major discrepancy of income inequality gripping the city to this day. A casualty of the times himself, he found it necessary to work a second job as an Uber Driver just to pay for rent.

Ryan is ready and willing to step up and provide a courageous voice for all Americans, and he is equally jazzed about being the first and only Millennial presidential candidate. Through the #AmericaConnected platform, he will be uniting people across generations to fight the corrupt powers that be, to enable a more prosperous future.


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