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  McCorvey, Norma
AffiliationRight to Life  
NameNorma McCorvey
AddressP. O. Box 550626
Dallas, Texas 75355, United States
Website [Link]
Born September 22, 1947
DiedFebruary 18, 2017 (69 years)
ContributorThomas Walker
Last ModifedRBH
Feb 18, 2017 05:02pm
Tags Anti-Euthanasia - Pro-Life - Catholic -
InfoThe Real Story about Jane Roe

Jane Roe really is a woman. The court case, Roe v. Wade, was supposed to be about a person - as all cases before our justice system are supposed to be - but it simply was not. There is a dark side to Roe v. Wade. Why? Because the plaintiff herself was not the focus, rather the focus was the political ideologies of two young lawyers.

So, who is Jane Roe?

She went from saying: "I had a reputation to protect, after all. As the plaintiff in the infamous Supreme Court case Roe v. Wade, my life was inextricably tied up with abortion. Though I had never had one, abortion was the sun around which my life orbited. I once told a reporter, "This issue is the only thing I live for. I live, eat, breathe, think everything about abortion."

To saying: I'm one hundred percent sold out to Jesus and one hundred percent pro-life," I like to say. "No exceptions. No compromise."

Her story cannot be written off - because once the whole story is known, the truth shines forth. Norma McCorvey's story is truly a miracle. Her story is not as simple as from, to; her story is one that is full of hardship, darkness, and hate - but ultimately her story is one of triumph.

Poor, pregnant, and desperate, Norma McCorvey fell into the hands of two young and ambitious lawyers. They were looking for a plaintiff with whom they could challenge the Texas state law prohibiting abortion, and Norma signed on. Little did she know that her signature would one day make her an international figure.

Though she was touted as a symbol of everything women could gain by being free to choose an abortion, the real Jane Roe was an embarrassment to the image that the Ivy League feminists tried so hard to project. Norma was uneducated, unskilled, a drug user, and an alcoholic. She became a helpless pawn in a powerful game.

Working inside the abortion industry, Norma saw how abortion degraded women; she was surprised at the exorbitant dollars that kept rolling into the doctors' pockets; she saw the blatant exploitation as abortion advocates put political rhetoric above safe medicine; and she eventually began to question the movement for which she once said she "lived and breathed."

Eventually, Norma's worst nightmare came true. The controversial pro-life group, Operation Rescue, moved in next door to Norma's abortion clinic. A little girl's affection, a mother's trust, and a gregarious man's friendship surprised Norma, and eventually led her to consider the love, forgiveness, and hope offered by Jesus Christ.

Norma's ensuing conversion shocked the world. The picture of her baptism made headlines in international newspapers. "The poster child for abortion just jumped off the poster," one pro-lifer said, "and into the arms of Jesus Christ."

While Crossing Over Ministry continues to be a non-denominational ministry, Norma's faith journey eventually brought her to the Roman Catholic Church. On June 15, 1998, Norma publicly announced her intention to join the Catholic Church, and was received into the Church on August 17, 1998 by Fr. Frank Pavone, the International Director of Priests for Life and Fr. Edward Robinson, OP with St. Albert's Dominican Priory, Dallas, TX (Editor, www.unbornperson.com). For Norma's reflection on her conversion to Catholicism, please see the online text of My Journey into the Catholic Church, a supplement to McCorvey's book, Won By Love, written with Fr. Frank Pavone.

In December 2003, Roe No More Ministry was renamed CROSSING OVER MINISTRY to symbolize both Norma's being "Roe No More," but also her crossing to a new and exciting step in her life, a life no longer defined by her involvement in the Roe v. Wade case.

Norma's full testimony can be found in her 1998 book, Won By Love. To better learn the real story of Jane Roe, read an excerpt from her testimony, McCorvey v. Roe. To help Roe No More Ministry in promulgating the real story of Jane Roe in the United States, we would invite you to consider making a tax deductible donation today! Help Norma McCorvey end the problem of abortion in this country!


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Won by Love: Norma McCorvey, Jane Roe of Roe V. Wade, Speaks Out for the Unborn As She Shares Her New Conviction for Life  Purchase Thomas Walker 

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