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  Kim, Bryan
AffiliationNo Party Affiliation  
NameBryan Kim
Address4603 Seminole Dr
San Diego, California , United States
Born Unknown
Last ModifedBrentinCO
May 13, 2018 08:44pm
InfoWith the election of Trump and the continued inequalities under the capitalist system, I would like to announce that I am running for Congress in San Diego (CA-53) as an independent socialist.

I am sick of spineless, double-talking Democrats and Not-Quite-Nazi Republicans. I am sick of campaign finance corruption, sick of veterans committing suicide in VA parking lots, sick of kids going to bed hungry in the wealthiest country in the world.

I am sick of pretending that I don’t think I could do this better. I am sick of being told common people aren’t smart enough to know what they want. I am sick of union protections being rolled back, and hungry, indebted people being told they’re not working hard enough, wages staying flat for 20 years even though people are working harder than ever.

I am sick of our military being used to invade oil havens to seize capital instead of being used to invade tax havens to seize capital gains. I am sick of Israeli-dependent defense contractors manipulating our foreign policy.

I am sick of police murdering black people in the streets. I am sick of seeing the FBI and CIA directed at US civilians with the purpose of stifling dissent. I am sick of the class state punishing the poor and victimized instead of the wealthy and wicked.

So I am throwing my hat into the political arena. I am the only candidate who is going to refuse corporate and Super-PAC money, the only candidate who will go to Washington on behalf of working people. If elected, I will be one of just 30 representatives who are not in the top 20% of the wealthiest people in America. Because I’m not going to Congress to take part in the corrupt, casino capitalism – I’m going there to take over for working families across America.

My first act will be to organize a nationwide movement for the transformation of VA leadership. In spite of accountability efforts and massive new spending, many VA hospitals across the country are still horrifying, and only 9 people have been fired over the wait time deaths of 2014. When elected, I will establish an independent task force that will organize veterans across the country to collectively identify and work to fire every corrupt, lazy, lying bureaucrat at the VA. And I will crawl up the ass of every Congressperson not willing to help me until they work to save the 21 veterans who are STILL committing suicide every day.

Congress is paralyzed by donations from special interests – but the power to reform the VA, kick money out of politics, and fix our economy lie in the hands of working people all over the country. But it starts here in San Diego.
Let’s save the world together — we’ve nothing to lose and everything to gain.



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  06/05/2018 CA District 53 - Open Primary Lost 2.38% (-61.67%)
C00655654 Bryan Kim For Congress $ 999.65