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  Streeter, Alson Jenness
AffiliationUnion Labor  
NameAlson Jenness Streeter
New Windsor, Illinois , United States
Born January 18, 1823
DiedNovember 24, 1901 (78 years)
ContributorThomas Walker
Last ModifedChronicler
Mar 24, 2019 05:43am
InfoMarried Deborah Boone on August 5, 1847. They had one son and two daughters.

Married Susan Menold on January 10, 1861. They had one son and three daughters.

Delegate to the National Greenback Party Convention of 1880 (mentioned in the New York Times on 5/18/1880).

Delegate to the Anti-Monopoly Party National Convention in 1884 and gave the report of the platform committee to the convention on 7/5/1884 (New York Times 7/6/1884). The platform included the following: (1) Postal telegraph system; (2) Abolition of national banking system; (3) Graduated income tax; (4) Postal savings banks; (5) Stronger patent protection for inventors; (6) Opposition to gambling.

Chairman of the Illinois State Anti-Monopoly/Greenback Convention on 8/27/1884. (NYT 8/28/1884)

Candidate for U.S. Senate (Pop-IL) 1891. The Illinois legislature was deadlocked at the time, and Streeter appeared as a candidate of the rural counties. On the ballot on 2/17/1891, the vote stood Palmer (D) 101, Streeter 75, Oglesby (R) 23, scattering 5; necessary to a choice, 103. NYT 2/18/1891. Streeter lost the race at the end of eight weeks of balloting (NYT 3/12/1891).

Obituary, New York Times 11/25/1901. Alson J. Streeter Dead. Special to The New York Times. GALESBURG, Ill., Nov. 24 – Alson J. Streeter, once a candidate for President, died at his home at New Windsor of diabetes early this afternoon. Mr. Streeter was born in Rensselaer County, N.Y., in 1823, and as his life began on a farm, so until his death did his interest center in agricultural pursuits and the success of the farmer. His political efforts were directed in lines he considered best calculated to bring that success. He was interested in the labor movement, and when the National Labor Party [sic] in 1888 cast about for a candidate for President of the United States it called on the “sage of New Windsor.” He accepted the nomination and made the campaign with characteristic earnestness, knowing that defeat would be his portion. His greatest political fight came three years later in the contest for United States Senator, in which he also met defeat. STREETER, Alson J., farmer and politician, was born in Rensselaer County, N. Y., in 1823; at the age of two years accompanied his father to Illinois, the family settling at Dixon, Lee County, He attended Knox College for three years, and, in 1849, went to California, where he spent two years in gold mining. Returning to Illinois, he purchased a farm of 240 acres near New Windsor, Mercer County, to which he has since added several thousand acres. In 1872 he was elected to the lower house of the Twenty-eighth General Assembly as a Democrat, but, in 1873, allied himself with the Greenback party, whose candidate for Congress he was in 1878, and for Governor in 1880, when he received nearly 3,000 votes more than his party's Presidential nominee, in Illinois. In 1884 he was elected State Senator by a coalition of Greenbackers and Democrats in the Twenty-fourth Senatorial District, but acted as an independent throughout his entire term.

New York Times 11/25/1901 etal. [Link]


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Wife Deborah Boone Streeter Aug 05, 1847-
Wife Susan Menold Streeter Jan 10, 1861-
Son George A. Streeter 1849-
Son Frank W. Streeter 1854-1920
Daughter Mary Streeter 1856-
Daughter Nellie May Streeter 1862-1921
Daughter Fanny Rose Streeter 1865-1923
Daughter Minnie Grace Streeter 1867-1882
Son Charles Dallas Streeter 1871-1936

  03/12/1891 IL US Senate Lost 45.10% (-5.39%)
  01/14/1889 US President Lost 0.00% (-58.10%)
  11/06/1888 WV US President Lost 0.95% (-48.40%)
  11/06/1888 IN US President Lost 0.50% (-48.54%)
  11/06/1888 MO US President Lost 3.57% (-46.67%)
  11/06/1888 WI US President Lost 2.41% (-47.38%)
  11/06/1888 IA US President Lost 2.25% (-50.04%)
  11/06/1888 NE US President Lost 2.09% (-51.42%)
  11/06/1888 KS US President Lost 11.43% (-43.79%)
  11/06/1888 NY US President Lost 0.05% (-49.23%)
  11/06/1888 OH US President Lost 0.42% (-49.09%)
  11/06/1888 AR US President Lost 6.77% (-48.03%)
  11/06/1888 KY US President Lost 0.20% (-53.11%)
  11/06/1888 PA US President Lost 0.39% (-52.35%)
  11/06/1888 NC US President Lost 0.01% (-51.78%)
  11/06/1888 CO US President Lost 1.38% (-53.82%)
  11/06/1888 LA US President Lost 0.03% (-73.34%)
  11/06/1888 RI US President Lost 0.04% (-53.83%)
  11/06/1888 CT US President Lost 0.16% (-48.50%)
  11/06/1888 ME US President Lost 1.05% (-56.44%)
  11/06/1888 TN US President Lost 0.02% (-52.24%)
  11/06/1888 GA US President Lost 0.10% (-70.21%)
  11/06/1888 MI US President Lost 0.96% (-48.77%)
  11/06/1888 TX US President Lost 8.15% (-57.37%)
  11/06/1888 IL US President Lost 0.95% (-48.59%)
  11/06/1888 MN US President Lost 0.42% (-53.73%)
  11/06/1888 US President National Vote Lost 1.29% (-47.33%)
  05/17/1888 US President UL Convention Won 100.00% (+100.00%)
  11/02/1880 IL Governor Lost 4.65% (-45.92%)
  11/05/1878 IL DIstrict 10 Lost 13.17% (-31.33%)