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  Boren, Jim
NameJim Boren
Tahlequah, Oklahoma , United States
Born December 10, 1925
DiedApril 24, 2010 (84 years)
ContributorThomas Walker
Last ModifedRBH
Oct 30, 2020 01:47pm
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InfoDr James Harlan "Jim" Boren

Dr. Jim Boren, author of six books and many magazine and newspaper articles, has traveled throughout the world spreading his tongue-in-cheek message, "When in charge, ponder... When in trouble, delegate... When in doubt, mumble."

Boren has gained insight from his long and extensive careers in politics, government, education, and business. His knowledge of the bureaucratic process is readily apparent in his humor.

You can share his hilarious perspective by arranging for Jim to come to you! Contact Jim Boren to speak at your next meeting, conference, convention, or other special occasion. Read a "thank you" letter from a recent client and browse through the rest of this section to discover more of Jim's comedic and political past.

Battles with the Postmaster General
In 1972 Jim ran a 170 mile race with the U.S. Mail (from Philadelphia to Washington, D.C.). Using six quarterhorses, his Pony Express beat all the U.S. Mail...some of it by as much as 8 days. In 1991 he repeated the race... from Muskogee, OK, to Tahlequah, OK, (25 miles by road). Jim didn't take the beaten path. This time, the mail was carried by canoe, by joggers running backwards, clog dancers, waltzers, and a group of Native Americans. The final leg of the race was run with a herd of turtles. His Turtle Express won...even after giving the Postal Service 24 hours bonus time. This race was featured in the April 1995 issue of Smithsonian Magazine.

Books by Jim Boren
When in Doubt, Mumble
Have Your Way With Bureaucrats
The Bureaucratic Zoo
Bureaucratic Strategies (Ukranian)

Coming Soon...
Jim Boren's Bible for Politicians

Written by Dr. Lowell Lehman, and produced by Boren and the Destroyer Escort Sailors Association, The Postmaster General March (312K audio) (Semper Defunctus) was recorded by the United States Naval Academy Band. Scores of the unmarchable march were made available to high school and university bands who would perform the march in concerts or on the marching field.

Experience in Politics and Government
In 1957 Jim Boren was the state campaign manager for Ralph Yarborough's successful race for the U. S. Senate. He served as the Senator's Chief of Staff until 1961, when he was named the Deputy Director of the United States Economic Mission to Peru. While in the Foreign Service, Jim founded and directed the Partners of the Americas, a private sector program aimed at grass roots development in education, health, and community initiatives. The program continues today and is the hemisphere's largest volunteer program.

Prior to government service, Jim was in the independent oil business in Texas and Oklahoma. In 1970 he became President of Development Services International in Washington, D. C. In this capacity he served as a consultant and professional speaker. It was at this time that he launched an auxiliary career as a humorist with a focus on political and business bureaucracies . . . and as a witness before Congressional committees. Over the years, Jim has spoken to almost 2000 major conventions, conferences, and governmental meetings. His satirical portrayal of the bureaucratic ways has been used by many corporations looking to reduce bureaucratic problems.

The Campaigns
In 1992, Jim Boren was an official candidate for President of the United States of America as the candidate of the Apathy Party of America. His slogan: "I have what it takes to take what you've got." Only on the ballot in Arkansas, he received enough votes as Honest Jim Boren to place 17th nationally in a field of 28 candidates.

In 1996 Jim was the Democratic nominee for the U. S. Senate in Oklahoma. He failed to take his own advice, and lost. The state election board issued to him its first and only Certificate of Defeat, making him the nation's first certified loser. He is happy to be back on the trail as a humorist and satirist and back in the university classroom where he can continue his research on the vacuumental thinking and idiotoxicities of Washington.

Experience in Teaching and Public Speaking
Boren has traveled the globe, visiting 58 countries. Beginning in 1985 he organized the first-ever exchange of American and Soviet humorists with the participation of the Editors-in-Chief of KROKODIL, PERETZ (Ukraine), and PIKKER (ESTONIA), Art Buchwald, Mark Russell, Larry L. King, Herblock, Oliphant, Jim Berry (Berry's World), Brant Parker (Wizard of ID), Bill Rechin (CROCK), Don Wilder and many other award-winning satirists, cartoonists, writers, and performers. While in the Soviet Union, Boren lectured at the University of Moscow. For more on past speaking engagements and contact information for future arrangements, visit the Speaking section of this site.
Boren's commitment to education began at a young age. He was the President of his class in high school, and he went on to earn four college degrees. Boren later received two honorary degrees which were given in recognition of his work in Latin America and his reform-oriented use of humor.

Academic Background

BA, Economics and Government, The University of Texas

BA, Education and Psychology, California State University-Long Beach

MA, Economics, University of Southern California

PhD, History and Philosophy, Education, The University of Texas

LHD, (Doctor of Humane Letters), Nathaniel Hawthorne College

LLD, (Doctor of Laws), Heidelburg College

Since 1990 Dr. Jim Boren has served as a Professor and Scholar-in-Residence at Northeastern State University in Tahlequah, Oklahoma.

(bio from Dr. Boren's website, www.jimboren.com)

1st cousin of former Gov./former Sen. David L. Boren, D-Oklahoma and former State Rep. Cheryll C.B. Heinze, R-Alaska, 24.

1st cousin-in-law of Harold Heinze, R-Alaska.

2nd cousin (or 1st cousin once removed, if you prefer) of former Rep. Daniel D. Boren, D-Oklahoma, 2.
relative-in-law of State Sen. Mary B. Boren, D-Oklahoma, 16





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Father James B. Boren 1905-1983
Grandfather Mark Latimer "Dock" Boren 1869-1956
Uncle Lyle Boren 1909-1992
1st Cousin David L. Boren 1941-
Uncle Dallas L. Boren 1916-1996
1st Cousin Cheryll Heinze 1946-2012

  11/05/1996 OK US Senate Lost 40.08% (-16.60%)
  08/27/1996 OK US Senate- D Primary Won 55.53% (+19.04%)
  11/03/1992 US President - Popular Vote Lost 0.00% (-43.01%)
  11/04/1986 VA District 8 Lost 38.22% (-23.55%)