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  Lyon III, Andrew M.
NameAndrew M. Lyon III
AddressFriends of Andrew Lyon P.O Box 17116
Esmond, Rhode Island 02917, United States
Website [Link]
Born Unknown
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Mar 28, 2005 09:36am
InfoMy name is Andrew Lyon. I am the endorsed Republican for General Treasurer. I made the decision to run for General Treasurer to restore accountability and sound judgment to that office.

We, the citizens of Rhode Island, deserve better from our state government. We have accepted the status quo for too long. Through the years, the Democratic party has controlled the general assembly and most state offices. Although a vast majority of public officials, on both sides of the political spectrum, are honest hard working men and women determined to make Rhode Island a better place, there are a few bad apples who abuse their power and jeopardize the future of Rhode Island. How long can we afford frivolous tax and spend policies that have been implemented by the general assembly? Every year our state government is plagued by ethical scandals, political scandals, and backroom deals, which scare away potential new businesses, new jobs, create financial hardship for the average taxpayer and tarnish the national image of Rhode Island. My opponent is a former member of the general assembly and a political insider. He is one of the faithful political soldiers who walk in step with the "Harwood Machine". These politically powerful few have a cast a dark cloud over Rhode Island state government and created a financial crisis which will only worsen if change is not made now. My opponent is part of the problem, not the solution-part of the past, not the future.

I was born in Providence, Rhode Island, grew up in Pawtucket and graduated from Providence College. I have worked in the banking industry for over thirteen (13) years in Providence, Boston, New York City and Chicago. My vast experience in the major financial markets our country, gives me the necessary financial background to make smart investment decisions for the taxpayers of Rhode Island. I am confident that together we can do a better job for Rhode Island.

Rhode Island is at a crossroads. Our future was mortgaged away by the recent tobacco settlement. Where are the funds going to come from next year and the next? How is our state budget going to be funded? Certain politicians will say we need to raise revenues without coming out and saying, "Get ready to pay more taxes". Its time to change the way Rhode Island does business! Rhode Island already ranks 10th highest in the nation when considering combined taxes paid by individuals. We need to face the harsh reality that Rhode Island will not have a future unless we change. We need to lower taxes, improve the business climate and demand accountability in our elected officials. Rhode Islanders are leaving the state they love in droves because the writing is on the wall, but it is not too late to change.

Remember, the financial well-being of Rhode Island is not a Democratic or Republican issue it is your issue. If a CEO is losing money and the company is not profitable, then he or she is removed by the board of directors. The current General Treasurer has lost in excess of $1.6 billion of the state retirement funds since June 2000. The state retirement fund has lost an additional 10% in the first six months of 2002. How much is enough? It is time to elect a new CEO.

On November 5th, you have the opportunity to remove the current General Treasurer from office and send a message that the taxpayers of Rhode Island expect more from their elected officials. We deserve results not excuses. You can make a difference this Election Day. Please think about your future and that of your family when you vote this November 5th. Together, we can change the status quo. Let's not accept business as usual.

I ask for your vote on November 5th. God Bless Rhode Island and may God Bless the United States of America.

Andrew M. Lyon III


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  11/07/2006 RI Treasurer Lost 26.65% (-46.70%)
  09/12/2006 RI Treasurer - R Primary Won 100.00% (+100.00%)
  11/02/2004 RI State House 53 Lost 38.69% (-22.57%)
  11/05/2002 RI Treasurer Lost 27.98% (-44.05%)