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  Kerbel, Stephen E. "Steve"
NameStephen E. "Steve" Kerbel
Address1765 S. 8th St
Colorado Springs, Colorado , United States
Website [Link]
Born April 02, 1962 (59 years)
Last ModifedRBH
Feb 12, 2016 01:43am
InfoLike many third-party candidates, Steve Kerbel finds fault with both major political parties in the United States. He has less to say about their policy failings, however, than he does about his belief that Republicans and Democrats each seem to oscillate in and out of power, while little of substance actually changes in either condition. Kerbel himself is a Libertarian candidate who rejects government intrusions into private lives. Simultaneously, however, he argues that an adversarial relationship has developed between the people and their leaders that was never intended by the country's founders. Consequently, he calls for a return to government “of the people”, eschewing career politicians.

Kerbel favors free-market capitalism, with a minimum of regulation hampering competition and enterprise. Such regulation as does exist, he contends, should be passed by committees appointed by the industries to be regulated, rather than government authority. He opposes income taxation and calls for its abolition, reasoning that a modest sales tax is sufficient to fund all necessary government operations. One avenue of government spending which Kerbel certainly sees as worthwhile is the military; he supports a strong national defense, even as he advocates American troop withdrawal from as many foreign outposts as possible.

A passion for defense and respect for its value is something Kerbel extends to private life, as well. With little in the way of caveats or other limitations, he supports the right of individuals to establish conditions for the presence of defensive weapons on their private property, and opposes the prosecution of any citizen for exercising his or her rights to self-defense.

Kerbel's minimalist attitude toward government is likely to strike a chord with some of the Republican party's less mainstream constituents – many of whom are just shy of Libertarians themselves – while running the risk of alienating wide swaths of those anywhere left of center. This in itself is little surprise, but Kerbel himself admits that adoption of his policies could profoundly destabilize the lives of many people who have come to rely and even depend on government, and supports an incremental execution of his ideas as a result. Nevertheless, gradually phased in or not, there are perhaps a great number with whom Steve Kerbel's message of drastic government reduction would be unlikely to resonate.


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