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  Koppie, Chad
NameChad Koppie
Gilberts, Illinois , United States
Website [Link]
Born 00, 1937 (83 years)
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Dec 10, 2012 10:05pm
Tags Very Conservative - Anti Embryonic Stem Cell Research - Anti Marijuana Legalization - Anti-Civil Unions - Anti-Gay Marriage - Anti-Labor - Pro Alaska/Offshore Oil Drilling - Pro- gun - Pro-Bush Tax Cuts - Pro-Capital Punishment - Pro-Choice - Pro-Life - Pro-Social Security Privatization - Married - U.S. Air Force - Catholic -
InfoChad Koppie is a longtime activist in both statewide and local community politics, and is a proven vote-getter with broad name recognition and support. This is the third time Chad has had the honor of being nominated for the U.S. Senate, as he previous was on the ballot in both 1992 and 1996. Chad is well qualified for the office he is seeking and is ready to lead in the U.S. Senate and serve the needs of all Illinoisans. How Chad got where he is today is a remarkable, compelling story of personal and political courage.

LIFE - Living the American Dream

As a young man growing up in Illinois, Chad always dreamed of one day being a pilot. Coming from a family of humble means, Chad took the initiative to fulfill his destiny. Leaving home at age 17, Chad learned to fly through lessons out of Farmers Field near present day Elgin, Illinois. To earn his pilot stripes, Chad went to aviation school at Perdue University and then flew DC-3's for Perdue Aeronautics Corp. Chad graduated to airline Captain and was known for his expertise, reliability, and steady hand. He became Senior Captain for Delta Airlines out of Chicago's O'Hare Airport (then the busiest airport in the world) before transferring to John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City. During Chad's career at Delta, he flew the majority of all major air routes across the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean. Before retiring from Delta in 1996, Chad held the position of their Senior Jumbo Jet Captain, flying the Atlantic across all major ports of call in Eastern and Western Europe from JFK International Airport.

LIBERTY - Helping Illinois Prosper

Chad's family is also intimately involved in the farming industry that makes up the lifeblood of Illinois' capita. Chad's family owned farming operations that Chad oversaw and operated that encompassed over 4000 acres in both Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. Today, Chad still actively operates a family farm encompassing over 800 acres. Throughout his career, Chad has been active in construction and land development of residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Chad understands middle class and working class values, and blue-collar voters. In fact, he has held membership in various unions during his lifetime including the Airline Pilots Association, Cement Masons, Laborers and Hod Carriers, and the Railroad Construction Workers Union. For over five decades, Chad has worked in productive American enterprises designed to better the quality of life in Illinois.

LIVELIHOOD - Seasoned Political Leadership

Over the years, Chad has been involved in numerous causes and held various offices, both elected and appointed. Chad has run for and served on the Illinois District 300 School Board, Rutland Township Board of Trustees, Humana Hospital Board, and currently holds office as Kane County Regional School Board Trustee. A longtime member of the Illinois Center Right Coalition and its efforts to reform Illinois, Chad had the honor of its members electing him to the steering committee, and currently serves the organization as its Vice-Chairman, the second highest officer on I.C.R.C. In 1992, Chad bit the bullet and sought the office of U.S. Senate on the U.S. Taxpayers Party ticket after the Republican nominee flip-flopped on his commitment to pro-life issues. Chad won the nomination and made an impressive showing in November. He was nominated again by the U.S. Taxpayers Party four years later. In 1998, Chad faced the toughest fight of his career when he sought the Republican nomination for Governor against the then-popular George H. Ryan. Chad relentlessly hammered George Ryan on corruption and having a moral void, making the case that Ryan would not live up to the standards and principled positions he took to woo Republican voters. Ryan refused to debate Chad or in any even acknowledge the existence of his campaign. In the end, Chad received nearly 20% of the vote against the powerful Ryan machine in Illinois and made headlines as far away as New York. Today, George Ryan's legacy is a string of broken campaign promises and an ex-Governor who sits in prison because of the actions he took in office that violated the people's trust.

Of the five candidates on the ballot this year, Chad's experience and leadership in political causes is second only to the incumbent. Chad is the only challenger who has public service under his belt and has run for office before. The difference between Chad and our incumbent Senator lies in the fact that Chad remains a grassroots leader who fights for local communities and for constitutional values, abhorring government control over our lives and the good old' boys club of Washington insiders.


Seeing how Senator Durbin has utterly failed to live up to his promise to serve the interests of Illinois, Chad began seriously considering another bid for office last year. No Republican candidate with the political experience, lifetime of leadership, and commitment to liberty had announced an intention to run, so Chad offered his own credentials and pledged to go all-out to defeat the incumbent. Incredibly, his brave efforts to step up to the plate were met with silence by the state Republican leadership, who never responded to Chad's letters or phone calls. Instead, they choose the same failed stradegy they had often employed in the past: they ran a wholly unqualified first-time candidate for the highest legislative office in the land, another "fresh face" whose main claim to fame is lots of money to self-fund a political campaign.

Chad realizes the inherent failure in this strategy. On Saturday, July 26, 2008, Chad was nominated for the U.S. Senate by the Constitution Party, the third largest political party in the United States today. He fully intends to serve the people of Illinois as our next U.S. Senator, and can do so with your help.


Chad Koppie resides in Gilberts, Illinois, one of the fastest growing communities in Kane County. In had fewer than 900 people in 1990, 1,279 at the 2000 census, and grew to over 4,472 as of 2004 estimates. The U.S. Constitution and Judeo-Christian values are at heart of the campaign of Chad Koppie, a praticing Roman Catholic.

Retired airline pilot

A conservative retired airline pilot, Koppie ran third-party campaigns for U.S. Senate from the basement of his home in 1992 and 1996. Those campaigns won notice for their vivid anti-abortion television ads.



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