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  Eagleton, Clifford J.
NameClifford J. Eagleton
Address174 E. 153rd St
Harvey, Illinois , United States
Website [Link]
Born Unknown
Last ModifedRBH
Feb 17, 2013 02:08pm
InfoCliff Eagleton has lived in the south suburbs for over forty years. As a career educator he knows the obstacles our children face in education. As a local small businessman he knows the economic obstacles facing every resident of the 2nd Congressional District. As a fellow citizen he knows the broken promises and lack of leadership that have plagued our district for too many years. Cliff is an honest man with fresh ideas and real solutions. Married and the father of four, Cliff believes it’s time for a new direction. A direction based on honesty, integrity and real solutions to serious problems. A direction away from controversy, recycled broken promises and recycled career politicians who put their interests before the interests of the good people of the 2nd Congressional District.


Cliff has spent his life educating our children and serving our community. He is a past Matteson Elementary School District #159 board member and a retired elementary, high school and college teacher with a ED.D in education. Cliff has always been engaged with his community in such causes as Chairman of Fundraising for the Diabetes Foundation and donating. He has been an active member of the Democratic Party including volunteering in many local and national election campaigns. Cliff is currently a successful small business owner who knows what it takes to succeed in these trying economic times. He wishes to bring his background, experience and expertise to Washington to serve his fellow residents in the 2nd Congressional District.


Our nation is facing a list of serious, potentially catastrophic problems and real American leaders recognize that problems created by self-interest, selfish leaders can be set straight by selfless, patriotic citizens. Our predicament stems from decades of leadership bowing to special interests and privileged elites---even foreign interests. Cliff Eagleton is determined to return honorable leadership to Washington just like the Constitution and Bill of Rights demands! At the same time Cliff will represent all the people of the 2nd Congressional District equitably, fairly and aggressively. He looks forward to confronting those individuals and groups that see government of themselves, by themselves and for themselves rather than of the people, by the people and for the people.


Cliff brings a positive vision and real solutions to the 2nd Congressional District, the State of Illinois and our Country as a whole. While I have some real answers and solid solutions, nobody has all the answers. Working together, my fellow citizens and I will find the answers that I will bring to Washington. I intend to form a Citizens’ Advisory Council that I will meet with continually to explore the problems and challenges facing our communities so that we can find effective, efficient solutions. I want to be your Congressman to bring back honorable, creative leadership that will fight tirelessly in Washington to protect right to a decent job and chance to raise a family and give something meaningful to our children. I want to assist and strengthen the small business owner, the small manufacturer, the family farm owner. Our common goal must be to create those conditions that allow every citizen to excel, grow and prosper. Our commitment must be to revitalize the American dream. It will require vision, hard work, courage and sacrifice on the part of every citizen. In sharing, planning and working on common purposes, we shall strengthen our bonds of citizenship: our confidence, competence and a promising future.



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