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  Waymire, Barbara Joy
NameBarbara Joy Waymire
Address2710 County Road 202
Tulelake, California 96134, United States
Website [Link]
Born June 11, 1952
DiedFebruary 23, 2018 (65 years)
Last ModifedDavid
Jun 11, 2020 10:36am
InfoMrs. Barbara Joy Havelaar Waymire

To comprehend my conviction of Faith in this campaign, let me give you a brief Spiritual biography of my life, beginning the night before I came into this world.

On June 10th of 1952, my mother’s doctor had a vision that he would deliver a baby with the cord around its neck. The next day my mother went into labor. Having trouble, he decided to check for the cord and sure enough it was around my neck. An emergency cesarean section was done, at which time the doctor discovered the cord was around my neck three times and tied in a double-slip knot (hangman’s noose). I arrived a month early, weighing in at 3 lbs 15 oz and 17.5 inches long.

I will not go into all the times I almost lost my life during this first year or throughout my lifetime, but will skip a few years ahead to my playmate that only I could see. I called her “Becky” as I could not say her full name. She taught me the ways of the Lord and showed me many things still to come. But unfortunately, at a young age of perhaps 4, I had a limited vocabulary so my mother thought it was all make believe. I’m sure what I learned lead to my questioning the teachings of the church at the age of twelve. Because of this, I stopped sharing what I was told, but I followed every word until I was 16.5 yrs old.

At that time, in Oct someone poisoned my two cats. The next month a new friend was found drowned in her pool. But the straw that broke me was the murder of the first love of my life. That is when I got angry at God; after heeding every word without question, I did not comprehend why the things most precious to me were taken away. I told God that He would have to prove Himself to me before I would ever follow Him again. The next 13 years I was sent many signs, but I refused them saying they were not good enough. I wanted undisputable proof, & once I got that, I began listening again. I had forgotten that everything happens for a reason in my anger and grief.

In the early 1980’s, I awoke one morning to find a red circle in the palm of each hand. When my then spouse saw these, the light in his eyes went out and darkness took over. He became a different person from the one I knew; Very angry, mean, vicious and violent at times. But I believed I could bring him back so I stayed with him for 13 years. I had forgotten that only he could bring himself back into the light.

In 1986, I received hepatitis C from blood transfusions upon having a hysterectomy. Of course, this was not discovered until 1992; unable to explain my symptoms till then. I knew I was ill for a specific reason and I did not question why, but waited patiently to learn the reason. During this time, the Lord told me of many things; some I even laughed in His face saying: That would be a miracle! Why would you want to do that? He’d say, you’ll see. I kept all that my Lord was telling me to myself, for some things I shared scared people and others became overshadowed by darkness. So I began keeping it all to myself until I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that everything my Lord was telling me, was the absolute truth.

My illness had put me into an electric wheelchair by June of 2003. I wore tri-focals, had diabetes, high blood pressure, thyroid disease, COPD, a form of rheumatoid arthritis, chronic nausea and vomiting, and more. I moved to a new area in November of 2003. For the next two summers, I began using the association pools but my health began failing.

My doctors tried to tell me it was all in my head; said to just take lithium and I’ll be happy all day through. I refused, for I knew something was wrong but did not know what. In June of 2006, my family came to visit and upon going to use the pools, found them contaminated. I let the association president know and a cleaning crew was out in the morning. But when the pools were opened within two hours, I began doing some research.

I discovered that there is one bacteria that takes up to 8 hours to kill and someone with a compromised immune system is more susceptible. I finally believed the reason for my illness was to save the lives of the 181 families in the association from this self-serving minister, president of the H.O.A. I got the number to the person who would handle my final arrangements, but before I could call, my mother called. I told her I was dying and making my final arrangements that day.

Before I could make my call, a surge of energy, life filled my body. 25 years of listening had begun to come to fruition. Things I’d never done before began to occur such as: automatic writing, spiritual travels, stigmata and more things in line with the Spiritual realm. One thing I wrote as an example; was that the polygamist, Jeff Jetts would be caught that year. He was, three months later.

Things deemed impossible by mankind, I’ve experienced; Such as going to bed one night at my normal 132 lbs, but waking to be only 107. Another morning waking to find that my feminine attributes were gone; Chest as I was at 16 years of age and my bubble rear-end now flat. Not much of a waist left either. I just know I looked up and said, I sure don’t know what you are doing to me, but you must know what you are doing. I accepted the changes, yet did not understand them as yet.

About the middle of July of 2006, I awoke in the morning to find two blood red/purple marks on my feet; same spot on each; Nothing to explain how they got there. They faded away in 6 weeks. Or on another morning after waking from a Spiritual journey to find a partially healed spear wound in my inner left thigh. That left within days.

Towards the end of July, I was commanded to read the Book of Revelations. I began to argue saying: I never understood it before, so why would I now? But I finally gave in and began to read. Within a few sentences, I knew what I was reading but could not put it into words.

Upon finishing the Book, the Lord then told me to write down the months and years of the 5 events spoken of. I refused stating that No man may know that. My refusal earned me a black rose thorn in the palm of my right hand. Again I was asked and again I refused. Each of my 5 refusals subjected me to 5 black rose thorns in my right palm. Upon writing down as I was told, the thorns disappeared back into my palm.

Now the greatest stigmata that occurred, was witnessed by two others. At the stroke of midnight on December 1st, 2006, I felt like I had been dipped into the icy waters of the river Jordan, but I wasn’t cold. Then my breast-bone began to dissolve away. A sink hole the size of a half of grapefruit appeared below where the breast-bone should be. You could feel three separate heartbeats on the edge of the hole; left, right, & below. My ribs all broke away, giving the appearance of those that had been buried a long time.

But worst of all, I was stripped of every explanation of the physical realm, leaving me with just the Lord’s Word. I felt lost as I could no longer explain any of it. At the end of 3.5 days, the sink hole mostly filled back in and my ribs returned. But now my ribs no longer had a curve to them like you see on a skeleton. My ribs now form a Vee on each side.

Then another stigmata began; It felt like six penny nails were being driven into my head; Worst than a migraine, yet bearable. I knew I had forgotten something in time and if I did not recapture what I had lost, I would go insane. I had to make a repeat drive down the California coast, the last trip made with my father when I was 16. During this trip, many memories came flooding back; Lessons to be relearned from the passing of time.

Six months later my jaw bones changed shape as well. The dentist has not seen anything like it in the history of medicine. No explanation to be found. They cannot explain the healing of all my health problems. My eyes are again 20/20 yet I had the worst astigmatism ever seen. Normal lung & liver functions, yet was at stage 4 cirrhosis and COPD.

I finally knew why the events of 1968 had occurred. My Lord had to close me off from Him so I could learn the ways of men; learn what had happened in time. Only then could I yield the Sword of Truth to discern between right and wrong as given by the Lord, thy God.

I could tell of many other experiences, but there is not time to go into full details. Just follow over the course of the campaign trail before you make a final decision. My integrity and conviction will speak for itself.

The last two verses of John 15 and the first 25 of John 16, tell who I am and why I was sent; To shew into remembrance that which was taught; as I was present with Christ then, as He is present with me today.


Mother, grand-mother, great-grand-mother

“Jill of All, Master of None”

Self-sufficient, Reliant

Stays within budget


Trustworthy, Honest, Reliable

Compassionate, Reasonable, Tactful

Unconditional Love towards All People

Wisdom of the Ages

Many skills and attributes, too many to list

If I lack the knowledge needed, I ask of my Lord and receive.

Experience in the following fields: Waitress/Banquet Server; Bartender/Server; Electronic Assembly; Electronic Technician Apprentice; Dry Cleaning Staff; Asst. Manager for Pizza Company; Manager/Partner 24 Hr Convenience store; Custom Handicrafts; Seamstress; Private Music Instructor; Safe House for Abused Children (CA Trustline Provider); Senior Administrator; File Clerk; Tax Preparer; & much, much more.

Education: High School Diploma – Paralegal Diploma – Piano, Violin, Guitar & Harp instruction - 50+ years experience gained in my walk through life



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