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  Lenard, Brenda S.
NameBrenda S. Lenard
, Tennessee , United States
Website [Link]
Born Unknown
ContributorTX DEM
Last ModifedRBH
May 05, 2012 08:05pm
Infobrenda lenard is a vote for the american people

Why in the world is a black, single mom who grew up in the projects running as a Republican conservative against Republican Senator, Bob Corker, in Tennessee? My name is Brenda Lenard and I intend to be the next United States Senator from Tennessee.

Some folks would say I grew up without hope. But they're wrong. If you saw the hit movie, The Blind Side, then you have an inkling of what my early life was like. The Projects were awful. Crime was rampant. Food was scarce and getting a good education was difficult. Poverty. No hope. Some said that was my future. But they were mistaken.

I had hope. My hope was in God who gave me the determination and the breaks I needed to leave that life and to realize the American dream. I studied in school. I worked hard at any job I could find. And although my education was interrupted for a number of years, today I'm working on my Doctorate in political science at the University of Tennessee.
brenda lenard's vison

I want to change Washington and return this nation to limited Constitutional government with unlimited individual opportunity for my children and yours. I'm running to restore the American Dream. I want to…

Stop runaway spending that kills jobs and shrinks personal freedom

Repeal Obamacare, that will kill off the most effective health care system in the world Instead, I support free market reforms that will lower costs and put you, not a bureaucrat, in charge of your health care

Stop our government from coddling terrorists and giving criminals more rights than victims

Bring an end to abortion on demand and I want to stop job killing policies based on the hoax of man caused global warming

brenda lenard's promise

If you elect me to the US Senate, I won’t make back room deals or vote to raise the debt limit like Senator Corker.
And I can tell you right now, I’m never going to vote to…

Raise the debt ceiling

Raise taxes

Fund abortion

Confirm liberal judges who do not believe in the US Constitution

Expand the size of government, or

Reinstate earmarks or any other pork barrel spending

brenda lenard's beliefs
National Debt and Deficit Spending

I believe our exploding national debt threatens our national survival. We cannot continue to spend money that we do not have with an IOU drawn off the backs of our grandchildren. This is fiscal child abuse and changes our country's motto from "Home of the Brave" to "No Child Left a Dime." It is unconscionable that our Congress continues to borrow 41 cents of every dollar it spends. Our country is broke. Only by limiting spending to the enumerated powers of the Congress in the Constitution, will we resolve this spending crisis. You need a Senator who will vote against unbalanced budgets, tax increases, and wasteful extravagances by Washington politicians and bureaucrats. Therefore, I will not vote to increase the debt ceiling but rather protect the concept of our Founders protection of property rights.

Taxes, Growth, and Jobs

I believe that taxes are too high and need to be reduced. High tax rates stifle growth, job creation, and entrepreneurial activity. Excessive federal regulation decreases the ability of American companies to compete both domestically and internationally. As your next Senator, I will never vote for a tax increase. I will fight to keep more of your money where it belongs, in your pocket! I believe big government is a threat to personal freedom, so I will always support lowering tax rates on individuals and corporations and reducing unnecessary regulatory burdens. Therefore, in order for the economy to grow, I must help to shrink the government.

Energy Policy

I believe that we must pursue natural resources that are abundant here domestically. As your next Senator, I will seek policies that can foster cheap and abundant energy, which drives the engine of our economy. I support removing the restrictions on Gulf oil and gas production, opening up new opportunities of fossil fuel production, and streamlining the permitting process for small and modular nuclear reactors. I will work to remove barriers to other energy sources without any federal subsidies.These measures will not only lower our energy prices but will help stimulate private-sector jobs.


I believe that markets are the most efficient and effective way to decrease costs and increase quality in our healthcare system. As Betsy McCaughey has written in her Encounter Broadside pamphlet, "The Obama Health Law is a bruising blow to American freedom and medical excellence ... It will lower your standard of care, put the government in charge of your care, and take away something as precious as life itself: your liberty." I will work from the first day that I am sworn into office to repeal and defund the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare!

Second Amendment Rights

I believe in the Constitutional authority of the Second Amendment that clearly and explicitly protects the rights of Americans to own, carry, and use firearms. Any governmental action to suppress the right of Americans to bear arms is an affront to the original intent of the Founding Fathers. As your next Senator, I will aggressively oppose any and all attempts to infringe on citizens Second Amendment rights because these rights protect us against tyranny.

Illegal Immigration

I believe in the Rule of Law and that our country's porous borders and lax enforcement of immigration laws imperil our national security and is an affront to the Rule of Law. Our insufficient border control provides a frightening opportunity for terrorists to do incalculable damage to our country. As your next Senator, I will work to secure the borders, and make English the official language of the United States. I will use e-verify to deny employment to any individual in this country illegally. Simply put, our nation is welcoming to all; therefore all must live by our country laws.

Life and Marriage

I believe in the sanctity of innocent human life. I am convinced that life begins at conception and that it is the duty of the state to preserve and protect life. I oppose any and all efforts for the taxpayers to be forced to fund abortions. In addition, I support a Constitutional amendment defining marriage as a union between one man and one woman.

National Defense

I believe in peace through strength. I follow Ronald Reagan's philosophy that, "no nation was ever attacked for being too strong." As your Senator, I will insist that if the services of our brave young men and women are needed overseas to defend American interests, that Congress declares war; that the mission will be defined; that our aim will be victory; and that the troops' return will be as quick as possible. To that end, we need to bring the troops home and defend the war that is occurring at our borders of the United States. Reining in the Federal Judiciary I believe in using the provisions of Article III, Section 2 of the Constitution to rein in the out-of-control men and women in black robes who populate the federal judiciary. I will work to limit the jurisdiction of the federal courts from hearing cases and controversies pertaining to certain issues like birthright citizenship and prayer in schools. I support impeaching judges for usurpation and legislating from the bench.



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  08/05/2014 TN US Senate - R Primary Lost 1.18% (-48.47%)
  08/02/2012 TN US Senate - R Primary Lost 2.49% (-82.74%)