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  Giles, Jim
<-  2018-01-01  
NameJim Giles
Address173 Pear Lane
Pearl, Mississippi 39208-8749, United States
Website [Link]
Born 00, 1959 (61 years)
ContributorUser 13
Last ModifedRob Ritchie
Feb 12, 2018 10:19pm
Tags Caucasian - Reactionary - Anti-Affirmative Action - Anti-Labor - Isolationist - Pro School Vouchers - Protectionist - Anti-Semite -
InfoSouthern Heritage Activist & '00 US Senate Candidate

Jimmy Darrell Giles was born in Baptist Hospital in Jackson, Mississippi in 1959, son of James Stanton Giles (tow boat diesel mechanic on the Mississippi River, born in Waynesboro, Mississippi in Wayne County, graduate of Byram High School, killed in automobile accident in 1970) and Margaret Rose Hutchins (successful small business owner, frame shop, born in Carthage, Mississippi in Leake County, graduate of Central High School, retired).

Giles' father was an avid fisherman especially at Mississippi's Oxbow Lakes where "Little Jimmy" enjoyed many a bream and white perch caught with a cane pole. Giles is certain that when he gets all of Mississippi's third congressional district fishermen to the polls, he wins. Period.

Giles� mother lived off what is now Old Highway 49 South between Highway 80 and Highway 49 in Rankin County where her family frequently had to seek shelter at the Salvation Army because of flood waters, where she attended Richland schools and where she had occasion to walk through water to get to the school bus.

Giles� people are like the overwhelming majority of people in Mississippi, rooted in poverty. The power and money in Mississippi are held by greedy people who belong in country clubs, not politics! Giles advocates, government by the people, not by the rich. He also advocates money for working families, not taxes!

Giles graduated from Clinton High School in 1977. Giles then went on to Mississippi State University on a football scholarship where he earned B.S. and M.B.A. degrees in 1981 and 1982.

Giles did not have much talent as a football player and left the team after playing two years on the "Scout Team" (Third Team).

After completing college Giles attended the Sorbonne University in Paris, France where he received two degrees in French, where he lived with a French family in the Latin Quarter and where he saw massive student protests against socialist president Francois Mitterand. While living in Paris, Giles attended church at the American Church in Paris on the Seine River where the children of America�s elite congregated more as a social event than a spiritual exercise. Giles learned first hand the basic contempt held by rich Democrats and Republicans for his home state as if Mississippi held a monopoly on all evil and ignorance. A quiet and shy kid growing up, Giles began speaking up in defense of Mississippi and has been defending her ever since.

Giles evolved politically from Republican to libertarian to independent. Giles believes the Republican and Democrat parties to be two wings of the same entity, and that ultimately, it's okay to put your own people first. Jews and Negroes do.

In 1983 Giles was hired by International Business Machines Corporation in New York City where he worked on Madison Avenue as a systems engineer and marketing representative next door to trump Tower. Giles was hired more specifically by an Irishman, Robert J. Riordan, with whom he later had a falling out over criticism of Mississippi. Time and time again, the more profitable path, the political path would have been to stay quiet when others put down Mississippi but not Giles.

In 1988 Giles departed IBM for a job in Europe, promoting an amusement game to military facilities for Converse Germany where he saw the Berlin Wall come down and Eastern Europe go free.

Landing back in Atlanta, Georgia in 1992 Giles sold window cleaning services until 1994 when he became a political activist and founded Southern Initiative to promote pride in Southern heritage and advocate limited government in the eleven ex-Confederate states. Southern Initiative has since been dissolved and Giles is now engaged in a perpetual Independent political campaign.

Only 35% of the eligible voters show up on Election Day. Giles' local campaign is aimed at those who don't vote and those who hold their nose when they do. Giles says, "No more phony elections!" His campaign is serious about pro-life and pro-family. Are you? He will fight to stop taxing and killing children.

Immigration is the largest threat facing America today and Giles says, "Defend American borders now! Support immigration? Then you pay for them!"

Giles, 44, single, who lives in rural Rankin County once an avid runner completing the New York City Marathon in 1987 with a time of 4:15:41, a full time political activist, now clears brush for exercise, raises chickens for eggs and takes care of his grandparents. Giles stands 6' 4" and weighs in at 230 pounds, a deeply flawed individual with a ferocious temper but his heart is in the right place!

Biographies, especially political biographies are primarily aimed at exaggerating the candidate's virtues. Giles will be the first to admit that he is dumb as a fence post but that his determination to represent the PEOPLE is without peer.

Unlike Chip Pickering, Jim Giles will never pretend to be somebody that he is not.

Until recently (September 2003) this photo on the left appeared on Chip's official Congressional website biography page. The only problem is that Mr. Pickering is not a military veteran of any kind, still less some sort of 'Top Gun' pilot. It's a deceptive photograph designed to mislead the public. It's an outrageous photograph considering Mr. Pickering used it during a time when young Mississippians are dying in Iraq. This photo has since been removed after we started calling public attention to this contemptible display.

And falsehoods and deceptions abound in the Party which Mr. Pickering serves. He's really a typical example of the fake patriot followers of the so-called 'Neo-Con' movement. This movement was founded by former Jewish communists to steer the Republican Party to a 'Jews First' policy. These immoral individuals think it fine to send poor white boys to do the fighting in Iraq simply because they're poor. And they also think it right to stay safely home and load their own pockets with as many millions of Federal Reserve corporation dollars as possible. This is how Mr. Pickering had the unbelievable nerve to publicly discuss resigning his government position during wartime to take a private well paying lobbyist's job.

The modern Republican Party has appointed many other persons of equal and lower caliber and loyalty to senior positions in the Department of Defense.


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  02/20/2018 MS State House 060 - Special Lost 1.59% (-41.41%)
  03/08/2016 MS District 03 - R Primary Lost 10.90% (-78.20%)
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  11/07/2006 MS District 3 Lost 16.10% (-61.57%)
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