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  Richardson, Darcy G.
<-  2018-01-01  
NameDarcy G. Richardson
Jacksonville, Florida , United States
Website [Link]
Born December 06, 1955 (65 years)
ContributorThomas Walker
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Nov 02, 2018 08:04pm
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InfoDarcy G. Richardson is the author of six books, including five volumes of a planned seven-volume history on independent and third-party politics in the United States. A freelance writer and former editor of
Consumers Voice, the bi-monthly publication of the Consumers Education & Protective Association (CEPA), he is also the author of A Nation Divided: The 1968 Presidential Campaign, published in 2002. A seventh book, The Spirit of '76: Eugene McCarthy's Struggle for Open Politics, will be released next year. He is also working on a biography of Pennsylvania's Gifford Pinchot, the nation's first Chief Forester, environmentalist, and fiercely-independent progressive Republican who twice served as governor of the Keystone State.

Long active in independent and third-party politics, Richardson has rubbed shoulders with some of the best-known political figures of the past three decades. In addition to managing one of the late Minnesota Senator Eugene J. McCarthy's presidential campaigns and serving as a senior advisor in another, Richardson ran for Pennsylvania Auditor General in 1980 and for the U.S. Senate eight years later on the Philadelphia-based Consumer Party ticket. He was also an alternate delegate to the Citizens' Party founding national convention in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1980, and served as campaign manager for Dr. John J. Logue, founder and director of Villanova University's Common Heritage Institute, during his 1982 bid for the Democratic U.S. Senate nomination from Pennsylvania.

A former Democratic precinct committeeman, Richardson co-founded the "New Democrats" in 1989, a progressive faction within the national Democratic Party whose advisory board included ex-Senator McCarthy, Larry Agran, the former mayor of Irvine, California, and longtime left-wing political activist Zolton Ferency, a former Michigan State University criminal justice professor. Relocating to northeast Florida in 1993, Richardson later managed antiwar activist Brian Moore's independent campaign for the U.S. Senate in 2006.

A resident of Jacksonville, Richardson has been quoted in major publications such as the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Times, and the Philadelphia Inquirer, and has written numerous articles for a wide range of publications. He has also been a guest on several nationally-syndicated radio talk shows, ranging from the progressive Thom Hartmann Show to Joseph Farah's conservative WorldNetDaily Radioactive program.

Richardson's books on American politics have been cited in numerous scholarly works, including Scott Merriman's Religion and the Law in America: An Encyclopedia of Personal Belief and Public Policy (ABC-CLIO, 2007), Joseph R. Conlin's The American Past: A Survey of American History (Wadsworth Publishing, 2009), Encyclopedia of U.S. Campaigns, Elections, and Electoral Behavior, Kenneth F. Warren, editor (SAGE Publications, Inc., 2008), and The Strategy of Campaigning: Lessons from Ronald Reagan & Boris Yeltsin (University of Michigan Press, 2007), co-authored by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and three others. Richardson's books are available in more than 750 academic and public libraries throughout the world.

A former senior specialist for a major financial brokerage firm, Richardson has more than a dozen years experience in the financial services industry and recently began working on a book about the country's current economic crisis, tentatively titled, Collapse: How the Managerial Class Plunged the Nation into the Greatest Depression.


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