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  Ashby, Blake
NameBlake Ashby
St. Louis, Missouri , United States
Born Unknown
ContributorThomas Walker
Last ModifedJed
May 26, 2012 10:30pm
Info�We as moderate republicans need to send a message to our party that these beliefs do matter, very deeply, and if we cheat on them we do not win.�

Blake Ashby has been a Republican since he was a sophomore in Dave Morten�s Civics Class at Southwest High School in Missouri . The core values of the Grand Old Party resonated within him, corresponding with the sense of respect of self and others taught to him by his parents. �The emphasis on individual responsibility and freedom made sense to me,� Ashby says. �I remember thinking this was a moral code I could live by.�

Blake, an entrepreneur and independent businessman now living in St. Louis , has been a fiscally conservative, traditional Republican ever since those schoolroom days. In his early 20�s, Blake served on several Missouri Republican campaigns, also contributing his talents as a researcher for the Missouri House Republican Caucus.

Blake�s faith in the strength and integrity of the free-market system led him to enter the marketplace of free competition as an entrepreneur and small businessman. Blake spearheaded the recapitalization and revitalization of one of the Midwest �s oldest recording studios, moving forward to launch Broadspan Communications, one of the first competitive telecommunications companies in the region. Started through the efforts of Blake and his three young partners, the venture grew from a basement start-up to become Primary Network Communication, a leader in new technology which expanded into five states with its nationally recognized model. Blake has helped start more than two dozen companies in 13 years ranging from restaurants, technology companies and food manufacturer. �It gives me a chance to create something, help people realize their dreams and take control of their economic lives. And it�s a hell of a lot of fun.�

As a business consultant and planner, Blake has helped many people pursue their dreams of starting and owning their own businesses. A member of mpXML a voluntary body working to develop standards for the meat and poultry industry, Blake works to ensure the health of the industry and of American shoppers everywhere. In his spare time, he extends his message of economic literacy into the community through several volunteer efforts including one program which helped women develop business plans of their own. He has volunteered his time and drawn upon his experience to teach young people about our American economic system of hard work, free competition, and fair play.

Ashby�s business ventures reinforced his recognition of the appropriateness of the traditional Republican role for the government in our economy. �Individuals pursuing their dreams are still the best way to grow the economy and provide for our people.�

Blake decided to seek the honor of his Party�s nomination after much reflection. Dismayed by a growing national deficit, disheartened by the Party leadership�s apparent loss of faith in the free market and the right to compete, frustrated by it�s drift away from the traditional Republican values of fiscal prudence and limited government, Blake is committed to using this campaign to bring the party of Lincoln, of Teddy Roosevelt, and of Eisenhower back to its core values.

�Elections are where we fight for our ideas and our hopes for the future of the nation. Who other than traditional Republicans can fight for the values of our party,� Blake says. �These beliefs do matter, very deeply and if we cheat on them we do not win.�


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