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  Klobuchar, Amy
<-  2019-01-01  
NameAmy Klobuchar
Address416 6th St SE
Minneapolis, Minnesota , United States
Website [Link]
Born May 25, 1960 (60 years)
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Apr 08, 2021 06:55pm
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InfoAmy Klobuchar has spent her life helping people and standing up for what's right. She's an innovative leader who has championed new ideas that have produced results. As Hennepin County's chief prosecutor, she manages an office of nearly 400 employees, including 160 lawyers, and currently serves more than 1.1 million residents -- almost a quarter of the state's population.
Minnesota Roots

With family roots on the Iron Range, Amy was born in 1960. She grew up in the Twin Cities suburb of Plymouth, attended public schools, and was the valedictorian of her high school class. Amy went on to graduate magna cum laude from Yale University and the University of Chicago Law School. Her senior thesis in college, published as a book, Uncovering the Dome, chronicles the 10-year-history behind the building of the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome and is used at colleges and universities

Amy's mother Rose -- now an active grandmother -- was a public school teacher and taught second-grade until she retired at age 70. She still lives in the same house where Amy grew up. Amy's father, Jim Klobuchar, was for many years a sportswriter and popular columnist for the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Now in his 70s, he continues to write books, organize long-distance bike rides, and lead an adventure club. Amy's husband, John, is an attorney in private practice. He is a native of Mankato, where he attended Loyola High School, and is a graduate of the University of Minnesota. Amy and John were married in 1993, and they have a nine-year-old daughter, Abigail.
After graduating from law school, Amy returned to Minnesota to practice law and worked closely with former Vice-President Walter Mondale. She became a successful partner at the law firms of Dorsey & Whitney and Gray Plant Mooty, and has served in leadership positions with a variety of community organizations such as Big Brothers, Big Sisters, Campfire, and PACER. In 1996, Amy received the "40 Under 40" Award from CityBusiness as one of Minnesota's leading young business and community leaders. She was also named a "Lawyer of the Year" in 2001 by Minnesota Lawyer.

Protecting Minnesotans

Amy was first elected as Hennepin County Attorney in 1998. During her tenure in office, serious crime in Hennepin County has fallen significantly due to the work of her office, police departments, local businesses, and people in the community. In 2002, Amy was re-elected to a second, four-year term without any opposition.

Elected by fellow prosecutors as the president of the Minnesota County Attorneys Association in 2002, Amy has represented prosecutors throughout the state. As president, she spearheaded a series of public forums in Minnesota communities with AARP and local police and prosecutors on identity theft, methamphetamine, and sex offender issues.

As County Attorney, Amy has made the prosecution of violent and career criminals her top priority. During her tenure, her office has secured nearly 300 homicide convictions and has taken a more aggressive approach to gun crimes, especially the prosecution of convicted felons who possess guns. Amy has also pursued civil commitments against numerous predatory sex offenders. Her office's success in using Minnesota's Career Offender Statute was highlighted in a major report on chronic offenders by the Legislative Auditor's Office.
Amy Klobuchar has never been afraid to take on the tough fights. As a private citizen, she took on HMOs and insurance lobbyists at the state capitol and was the leading advocate for state legislation that now guarantees 48-hour hospital stays for new moms and their babies. As a lawyer in private practice, she took on a telephone
monopoly before the Public Utilities Commission, successfully advocating for more competition in the telecommunications industry to benefit Minnesota consumers.
As a prosecutor, Amy was a leading advocate at the Minnesota Legislature for the passage of a felony DWI law, which now enables prosecutors throughout the state to charge chronic drunk drivers with felonies. In 2001, Amy was the recipient of a leadership award from Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

Innovative Leadership

Amy believes in accountability. She has revolutionized the way the Hennepin County Attorney's Office operates, using business models to manage cases and run her office. Her office sets yearly goals and issues public reports on the results. She has balanced her office budget every year, and has saved taxpayers millions of dollars by reducing reliance on outside counsel.
Amy also believes that being fair is as important as being tough. She understands that someone who commits
a crime with a computer should be held equally accountable under the law as someone who commits a crime with a crowbar. That's why she has prioritized the investigation and prosecution of major financial crimes, including embezzlement, contractor fraud, investment swindles, and financial exploitation of seniors. For example, her office has successfully prosecuted commercial airline pilots for tax evasion, members of an identity theft ring who stole personal information from hospital patients, and a Minnesota Court of Appeals judge who stole more than $400,000 from the trust fund of a mentally disabled woman.
Amy is committed to new ideas to make government work better. For her work, she has earned a national reputation as an innovative leader who makes a difference. Her Safe Schools Initiative, community prosecution efforts, and criminal justice reforms have earned national awards and honors, including from the U.S. Department of Justice under the Clinton and Bush Administrations.


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