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  Klayman, Larry
NameLarry Klayman
, Florida , United States
Born July 20, 1951 (69 years)
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Feb 01, 2016 03:11am
InfoBorn in 1951, Larry is an honors graduate of Duke University, and the Emory University School of Law. Always interested in politics, he was an aide in the 1970's to Republican Senator Richard Schweiker, who would later become Ronald Reagan's choice for Vice President in 1976, serve as Ronald Reagan's Secretary of Health and Human Services after Reagan's election in 1980. Working in Schweiker's office in the early 1970's, during Watergate, Larry learned quickly how the "political game was played" and what was wrong with the system. That is one of the reasons that, like millions of Americans, he so admires our second American President, John Adams, and was drawn to a new age candidate, Ronald Reagan, who spoke for a need to change the system and believed that America was a shining city on a hill.

In 1977, Larry joined The Florida Bar. He has been a member for 27 years and resides in Miami. Around the time of Ronald Reagan's victory, after spending two years as an associate for Blackwell & Walker, a prestigious Miami law firm, Larry went to work in the Reagan Justice Department as a prosecutor. Among his duties was serving on the staff of Justice Department lawyers that broke up the AT&T monopoly and led to open and fair competition in the telecommunications industry that benefited consumers. Larry also handled the Florida caseload in the Justice Department on behalf of the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), Federal Trade Commission (FTC), Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), the Federal Reserve Board (FRB), and the Department of Transportation, (DOT) As a result, he learned firsthand of the concerns and needs of Florida's citizens, and those throughout the country.

Unlike some people, who make a career of government, Larry yearned to enter the private sector. Like his heroes, John Adams, Abraham Lincoln, and Ronald Reagan, he does not believe that government is the solution, rather he believes that through the entrepreneurial spirit America can overcome almost any obstacle. Upon leaving the Justice Department, Larry joined the Washington law firm of Busby, Rehm & Leonard where he specialized in international trade. Larry realized, long before others, the importance that foreign trade would play on the American economy in the 21st century, particularly in a state such as Florida., and the nation as a whole.

Like millions of Americans, Larry wanted to start his own business, and he did that after leaving Busby, Rehm & Leonard. During the 1990's and up to 2002, the law firm of Klayman & Associates boasted offices in both Washington and Miami. Larry Klayman is living proof that the "American Dream" is alive and well today. Larry made it on his own without help from the government or any special interests. Klayman & Associates specialized in international and commercial law, and litigation. Larry has now started a new, private law firm with its headquarters in Florida, named The Klayman Law Firm. Its motto is "Because Justice Matters!" Larry is also the founder of Free Trade Enterprises, which was an international marketing firm. Larry has long been drawn to global trade believing that it is the key to lasting prosperity for America.

While the 1980's under Ronald Reagan saw a period of unprecedented economic growth where millions of Americans like Larry could prosper while starting their own businesses and freedom was triumphing throughout much of the world, dark clouds were forming over the American horizon. In 1992, Bill Clinton was elected President and from day one sought to undo much of the accomplishments of Ronald Reagan. Clinton and his wife, Hillary, also sought to attack our Judeo-Christian values and traditions. From gays in the military, Hillarycare, scandal-tarred appointees, bribery, treason, violations of privacy, retreat abroad, and tax and spend policies at home, Bill and Hillary Clinton sought to undo the moral, ethical, and legal core of America. Larry was one of the first to recognize the danger that Bill and Hillary Clinton posed to the country and indeed the world. While many were charmed by the Clintons, from the beginning Larry was a voice in the wilderness warning Americans what the Clintons were seeking to do, and then actually investigating and prosecuting them for their scandalous behavior.

This and similar government corruption, in conjunction with his desire to clean up a legal system run amok, led Larry to found Judicial Watch in 1994. As founder, Chairman and General Counsel, of Judicial Watch, Larry led the fight against the abuses of Bill and Hillary Clinton. Larry played a key role in exposing "Filegate", the scandal where the Clinton White House illegally gathered the confidential government files on key Republicans. Long before the media became aware of suspected Communist Chinese Commerce Department spy, Johnny Huang, a friend of the Clintons, Larry was asking the tough questions, and he was responsible for sparking the biggest scandal in American history, "Chinagate". For this and his work defending the women who were smeared by Bill and Hillary Clinton, such as Gennifer Flowers and Dolly Kyle Browning, to name just a few, and bringing forward the Clintons' illegal fundraising through Judicial Watch client, Peter Paul, Larry won much acclaim while at Judicial Watch. Larry was at the top of the Clintons' enemy list and was threatened repeatedly. It is no wonder that Larry was an outspoken and active advocate for the removal of Bill Clinton from the Presidency.

In September, 2003, Larry left Judicial Watch to run for the United States Senate. The organization continues the valuable and non-partisan work conceived of and commenced when Larry was Chairman. Conservatives and others across the nation have praised Larry and Judicial Watch for their selfless efforts in combating the Clintons and other corrupt politicians, government officials, and judges. Congressman Bob Barr, who is an advisor to and has endorsed Larry's United States Senate bid, has credited him and Judicial Watch with exposing 90% of the corruption during the Clinton years. Indeed even the liberal leaning National Journal was forced to admit about Larry, "He ignores the rules of partisan combat that define Washington. Many political operatives have come to realize that Klayman is impossible to sway, because he seeks no Establishment credentials and has none to protect." The National Journal, quoting an editor and publisher, added that "[Larry] appears to be the main public interest litigator at this time, no small feat."

Larry has always been interested and active in Republican politics, dating back to his days with Senator Schweiker in the 1970's. Unlike some candidates, Larry did not become a Republican just because Republicans were in power. He became a Republican before "being a Republican was cool." Larry was a Republican when Republicans were a minority party and Ronald Reagan was a lonely voice against liberals and Communists. While some candidates entered politics because they were bored with their business or wanted a "hobby" entering middle age, Larry entered politics to serve the people. Unlike other candidates, Larry is the only candidate who is not taking contributions from political action committees that specialize in legally bribing candidates with money.

Among those who can attest to Larry was a real Republican and tireless worker for a better America are Jack Kemp (on whose 1988 Presidential Campaign, Larry served) and Bob Dole (Larry personally served as a Press Spokesperson for Florida for Dole's 1996 Campaign at the Republican Convention).

But Larry is more than politics. He is about results. He is about protecting our values and defending freedom. Just ask the countless Americans who looked to him as their defender and advocate during the dark Clinton days.

From his work at the International Center for Economic Justice, which promoted free but fair trade and legal immigration, to his work at his own private law firm, Larry understands not only the importance of international trade, but the need to keep America safe and respected abroad.

Residing in Miami, in addition to his law firm and United States Senate candidacy, Larry serves as the founder and chairman of the Respect Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to protecting the rights of the elderly. He is always a man on the move, seeking to improve Florida, the nation and the world. Floridians deserve the best. They deserve Larry Klayman, an independent minded republican who - unlike most career politicians does what he thinks to be right without regard to politics.


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