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  Ng, Eva
NameEva Ng
St. Paul, Minnesota , United States
Website [Link]
Born September 25, 1958 (59 years)
Last ModifedRBH
Jul 22, 2009 02:00pm
InfoThank you for your interest in my campaign. I have a vision for Saint Paul. I envision a city teaming with a variety of exciting businesses, a city where choice jobs are plentiful, a city with sparkling streets, beautiful store fronts, and quaint establishments, a great place to work and play, a safe community to live and to rear children, an economically viable city where fees and taxes are fair and reasonable. Based on the skill sets I have developed in the private sector for the past 30 years, I believe I can bring this vision to life. I look forward to your endorsement and support.

* My parents were orphaned and escaped communist China at the tender age of 12. I was born in Hong Kong and immigrated with my family to the United States when I was 10 years old. As I attended elementary school, I recognized the privilege and opportunity afforded to me. And I so cherished and embraced it. I was determined not to waste it. I graduated from high school with a 6.5/6.0 GPA, a few medals, some ribbons, and a prized trophy as the most valuable member of the Math Club. I also experienced the "I can't believe it" elation of being elected Junior Class President against the very popular varsity quarterback.
* I have a BS degree in Chemical Engineering from Texas A&M University, being part of the first generation of female engineers. My achievements in high school led to awards of more than 14 different scholarships to study at prominent universities like Princeton, Brown, UC Berkley, University of Miami and the like. But, I chose Texas A&M University for its reverence to tradition and its love for our Country. Its reputation for being one of the top engineering colleges in the US certainly bore influence.
* I spent the first 20 years of my career with Fortune 100 companies. Ten of those years were with Texaco. There, I was identified as a Presidential Fast Tracker by Glenn Tilton. Mr. Tilton subsequently became CEO of Texaco and eventually the CEO of United Airlines. It was very honored, since there were only 65 Presidential Fast Trackers in a company of 32,500 people. As a Presidential Fast Tracker, I was a trouble-shooter and internal consultant to the company. I was assigned to a different department or plant every two to three years. I was never told what was wrong, but was thrown in to sink or swim. In each position, I systematically identified the problems and devised solutions. It was important that the solutions were sensible, because I had to implement them, often with only a dearth of financial resources. Once we executed the plans, I documented the systems, trained my successors and then whisked off into a new and very different situation. During my stay at Texaco I was a Local and Wide Area Network Technician, a Project Engineer, a Manufacturing Facilities Engineer, an Environmental, Health, and Safety Coordinator for a Superfund Site, a Quality Coordinator, and the Director of Training for Distributors and Technical Sales Engineers in the Marketing and Advertising Department. I moved around the US, wherever Texaco needed me and developed and implemented state of the art solutions and systems. I rolled out the first Sales Force Automation Project in the world, updated a 50-year old manufacturing facility, and brought a Superfund Site into compliance. In training the Technical Sales Force and Distributors, I developed a program which markets to the marketers. As a result, I developed a track record as the right person to get the job done, no matter how unusual the challenge.
* I left Texaco in 1995 when the George S. May Company offered me an opportunity to consult small to medium-sized businesses. Although it required 100% travel, I was amazed at how well it suited me. During the couple of years with George S. May Co., I successfully turned around nearly 20 different companies. I will always cherish the memories of the wives of the owners, sending me away in tears of gratitude, hugging me, and giving me mementos to remember them by. I truly believe the acknowledgment was more valuable to me than the compensation. Blanda, Inc. in Eagan, MN was one of my favorite projects. I left Blanda to install an ISO 9000 system in Toronto, where I took a $9 million Canadian subsidiary from zero to ISO compliant, and ready for certification, in less than 100 days. The President of the company told me that this task would have taken their company-employed quality coordinators 2 years to complete. While I was in Toronto, Blanda management called and offered me the opportunity run Blanda, Inc. as its CEO. That was over 10 years ago, and I am proud to say Blanda survived, and even thrived in a declining US manufacturing environment. Blanda has embraced cutting-edge technology and automation in order to compete globally in the ultra-precision manufacturing sector, a proud Minnesota success story.
* I believe my background and cumulative experience uniquely qualify me to serve as the next Mayor of Saint Paul. I have the skills required to turn Saint Paul around. These are the same skills I have employed to fix troubled businesses.
* In each organization, I have developed and implemented efficient administrative systems, set up levels of responsibility and accountability, as well as required training and methods of evaluation and discipline. I can work effectively with management, as well as union and non-union labor. I am a team builder.

I have a proven finance record. I know how to identify and take advantage of areas of opportunity. I know how to finance projects, to restructure debt, and to manage cash flow. I have the background and experience to work with finance professionals in reshaping the City's budget. I will balance the City's revenue streams to produce a high quality of life.

I have been leveraging technology since my career began. I feel I can bring a sensible level of automation to City government to streamline operations without having to break the bank.

I am a communicator. As the Project Coordinator for the Sales Force Automation rollout, I was the hotline hub. It dawned on me that I am the professional they are relying on. I learned then that what I say has to be clear, concise, and step by step, sparing no detail. When I work with troubled companies, I leave them custom tailored step by step procedures they can follow, even when I am not there. To be able to do that, I have to be a tremendous listener. Best solutions are formulated by hearing all sides, finding common ground, parsing the specifics, and arriving at remedies that are deserving of everyone's buy-in.

I believe I have the experience and skills to truly be an effective Mayor of Saint Paul. I have never aspired to run for office, but I think it is time to apply what I have learned for public good. I am proud of Saint Paul, and look forward to this opportunity to serve my friends, neighbors, fellow residents, and the business community.



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  11/03/2009 St. Paul Mayor Lost 30.98% (-38.03%)
  09/15/2009 St. Paul Mayor - Primary Lost 25.82% (-41.97%)